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10 October 2018


Wednesday Addams for me is just the vision of cool. She is the coolest kid I have ever seen and growing up as a lil goth child - I idolised her. When I was creating the idea of my spooky girl gang series and who I would want in it - she was the first name that came to mind. I just want to be her so bad!
Wednesday is definitely the badass of the group. She's the girl that gives 0 fucks, doesn't care about hurting anyone's feelings and is always getting everyone else into trouble. Wednesday is the kind of girl that will give you straight up brutally honest life advice, even when you didn't ask for it. She's always cracking jokes about death and is the darkness of the group forcing you along to listen to emo music and watch serial killer documentaries. She has no sense of danger and you often wonder how she hasn't died or been seriously injured yet as she goes out looking for the thrill of high action situations and she is most definitely always down to do "one more shot". She's your go to when you want to forget about your problems or need an honest opinion. She is fiercely loyal of her friends and whilst you often worry about her dark and sometimes twisted mind you wouldn't be without her because despite her black heart, she is the ultimate friend.

I often get told that I look like I could pull off a pretty good Wednesday so I was really excited to try it out. I guess being a goth it's kind of a given that Wednesday is a true goth icon that most of us have idolised at one point in our lives. I was also really nervous to recreate my favourite goth lady because well, I just wanted to do her justice! I love everything about Wednesday - the way she dresses, her love for the macabre and her wit and self deprecating sense of humour. Growing up she was the one goth kid I could relate to and I just think she is everything. She wasn't afraid to stand out, be different and embrace her love for everything dark and death. She is who I aspire to be in life. 

Wednesday Addams is a true goth icon and I really hope I did my goth girl proud. A huge thank you to Hot Hair for sending me the perfect wig to help me get Wednesday's long plaited locks! Wednesday Addams is everything I aspire to be in life and I just will never be able to put into words how cool I think she is.

Are you the Wednesday of your girl gang?

Till next time,
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  1. I am absolutely the Wednesday of my Girl Gang! HAHA. You look so lovely and you definitely pull off those eyebrows and RBF! <3


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