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28 November 2018


Within the blogging world, I feel like there is a huge battle between wanting to be original and wanting to be relatable. It's something I know I spend a lot of time worrying about and I feel like it is the one thing that will eventually put a lot of people of blogging.

I feel like I got into the blogging game pretty late and one of the main things I worried about was how I was going to make my blog stand out against a ton of already well known and established blogs. How was I going to be original. It's hard to be original in this day and age, especially when it feels like everything has already been done. Trends come and go and bloggers have to take a lot of shit about following certain trends - just think about the marble fad. In order to be original, you have to think outside the box. To push yourself creatively. But... in doing that there is a risk of distancing yourself from your audience. It's becoming more common to see editorial style shoots and couture inspired lookbooks and creative shots, which is great but, is it relatable content? For me the whole point of a blog is to share and inspire peoples every day. An element of that, especially being predominantly a fashion blogger, is that I want to inspire others to take inspiration from my outfits and style them in their own way.

Being relatable is a concept I feel is being spoken about a lot in the blogging world and amongst influencers. There are so many people out there, who I look at and feel no connection to them or their content whatsoever. Everything just seems so... staged. It's not real and it definitely isn't relatable. I feel like blogging has lost that personal touch. I want my readers to look at my content, read my posts and connect with them. To read the words I am writing and be able to apply what I'm saying to their own lives, to feel as if what I'm saying makes sense to them and is applicable within their lives. I want me readers to know that I am just a lil goth trying to unjumble and make my way through this crazy life. More and more of us are constantly being bombarded with unrelatable content, content that we can't connect with and whilst it may look nice... does it even mean anything?

Jumper - Boohoo // Striped Trousers - Monki // Boots - Dr Martens 

Finding the balance between being original and staying relatable is incredibly difficult. It's something I've been trying to find over the past few years with my blog and if I'm honest, it almost broke me as a blogger. I was so focused on trying to be different and making sure my blog stood out from the rest that I forgot the most important part - the person behind the blog. My blog lost its personal touch and with that life. I'm regaining my love for creating content and a huge part of that is stripping back the bullshit. I've stopped trying so hard to stand out and started focusing on what really matters - connecting with my readers and their lives.

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  1. I competely agree with this. I feel like trying to force my blog into being more 'professional' made it loose a personal touch and I'm trying to get back into making it relatable and enjoyable. I think you do an excellent job at what you're trying to achieve, I always enjoy reading your content and perspective on things.


    Avril Marie | Lifestyle Blogger


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