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22 November 2018


I always feel a little lost after Halloween. I guess it's because I take a month out to dedicate all my posts to one day and then afterwards I feel kinda... empty. Almost like I've forgotten how to write a "normal" blog post.
This year, I've felt it more than any other year. When I sat down to write a blog post, I just didn't know what to write. I began to think about my blog and the type of posts I've been writing recently. I've been reflecting on my blog as a whole from when I started to where I am now and I feel like somewhere along the way some things have been lost. I feel like more recently I've been trying to be the blogger I think people want to see. To write posts that I think people want to read, but in all honesty. It's not me and it takes the fun out of blogging. I don't want to write a post completely dedicated to the clothes I wear - it's boring. I love my style and I love getting to share that but at the end of the day, it's just clothes and I have so much more I want to say! I've become trapped in the niche of being a fashion blogger that I feel restricted to only sharing and talking about fashion but style is so much more than the pieces of material you choose to dress yourself with and I want to start incorporating this more into my blog. I want to try new styles of shoots, editing and outfits for my blog. I want to try wacky outfits you wouldn't usually wear in every day, to shoot in a way that is a little bit weird. I want to create art through my own style and makeup. I feel like I forgot that having a blog is a creative outlet where I get to express myself and I want to retake ownership of that.

I have been on a pretty big journey with this blog and I am a completely different person to who started this blog. I've been through quite a few ups and downs and have shared all of them on my blog. The one thing I promised myself when I started this blog was that I wanted it to be real. To not sugar coat my life. To show what was really happening, even if it wasn't all smiles and glitter. I want to carry on sharing the part of my life that isn't always going so great. The struggles I go through, to help create a conversation about mental health and sharing that online. The image we choose to share on social media can sometimes be so flawed and I am guilty of only choosing to share the best parts of my life. But, it's not the truth and I want to be more honest not only on my blog but with myself. I've joked before that my blog is like my personal therapist but it really helps me to put how I'm feeling into words and I have had the most amazing feedback that it has helped some of you, so I really want to work on including that more into what I do.

Dress - Nasty Gal // Polo Neck - Nasty Gal // Boots - KillStar // Dagger Pendant - CarterGore

I guess I want to rediscover Midnight and Lace and why I started this blog. I started blogging as a way to express who I was at a time that I felt so unable to share that with the world. Along the way I got caught up in what I thought I was supposed to be doing that I lost my interests as a blogger. I want to share my style but I also want to broaden my writing interests - I want to get creative and experimental, I want to talk about mental health and my journey with this, I want to be a voice for the goths and share what I love like horror movies, makeup and true crime! I want to bring a bit of me back to my blog.

It's time to rediscover Midnight and Lace and in the process rediscover myself.

Till next time,
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  1. I cannot wait to see all the magickal things you do from here, these photos are bosssss as well!
    Absolutely adore your new header and icon, they're gorgeous! Who did them?! x

  2. I'd love to read about your other creative interests outside of fashion.

  3. I've come out of lurking to say that I really relate to what you’re saying in this post! I’ve gone through the same thing where I’ve known exactly what kind of blogger I wanted to be and what I wanted to write about, yet somehow got muddled up in what I thought I had to be anyway despite my strong mindedness, it’s weird how it eats away you. One thing I've always enjoyed about your blog is that it's not too filtered with an 'editorial' feel, it's more personal, so I look forward to you bringing even more of that in future posts!


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