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1 December 2018


A huge part of my childhood was growing up with the disposable camera being used to capture moments in my life. Whilst I am a bit of a tech lover and the advances we have made with technology like photography continues to blow my mind sometimes I really do miss the nostalgia of a disposable camera.
My childhood was captured on disposable cameras and I think what I love most about the disposable camera is the imperfection of it all. When you take shots on a disposable camera you truly are capturing the moment as it happens, there are no redos and for me that is truly something special. I guess now more than ever, it has become so easy to make numerous attempts to capture the "perfect"shot. It has become so easy to take hundred of photos that you can then choose and edit a select few that we see as being the best ones. I kinda miss the idea of capturing the moment as it happens, not being so caught up on creating the best image. To capture life as it happens because that's when it's real. I've been rediscovering my love for the disposable camera through the HUJI app and if you follow me on instagram you'll know it's a favourite of mine. I love how it mimics the effect of a classic disposable camera and everything is slightly unfocused and not as crisp as my usual camera quality.

I was sent this tee by a while back and have only just had the chance to shoot photos and get them out. The wicked team over at The Black Ravens sent me this super cool tee to style for my blog and let me tell you -  I am very much here for the double checkerboard vibes and pop of red / orange colour. I'm always slightly hesitant to match two patterns together like this in the fear of it looking too much but this outfit is hella cool and I feel like I should definitely be riding around a skateboard.

These photos may not be taken on my camera or look as clear as they usually do but I had a ton of fun shooting them! I truly got behind the idea of the disposable camera by only shooting a few shots and not looking at any of them until we got home. It made me regain a true admiration for the disposable camera and capturing life in the moment. This is definitely a HUJI love affair.

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