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8 December 2018


I feel it's time I set the record straight - I can't cook. I would go as far as to say I am the worst cook I know. To the point where I've now pretty much given up on cooking for myself and if I can't convince someone else to cook for me, I'm eating takeout food.

On average I probably eat around 2 to 3 takeaways a week... I know, I'm an animal. My go to being the love of my life - McDonalds. For me McDonalds is the true King of fast food and I honestly can't get enough. I work long hard hours and to be quite honest the last thing I want to do when I get home is cook myself an inedible meal that I know I'll end up throwing away anyway. It's kind of become a ritual of mine to go to Mcdonalds every week, as a treat for getting through the longest day of my working week. I love the ease of fast food and it tastes damn good so why not! Life is too short to not enjoy the food I am eating.

My favourite item on the McDonald's menu (yes, I have a favourite) are without a doubt the nuggets. I have had plenty of conversations about McDonald nuggets and people often think I'm crazy when I ask them what the best nugget shape is - take note it's definitely the boot because it's the best shape for dipping and I will not accept any different. My love for McDonalds is known by, pretty much everyone I know. At the end of last year, one of the children in my class brought me a McDonalds on the last day of school and it is without a doubt the best present anyone could have given me (they even specially asked for all boot shaped nuggets)! So, I could not resist the chance to get to shoot inside my favourite place eating my favourite meal and I have been wanting to do a shoot inside McDonalds for what seems like forever! Shooting blog photos + whilst eating my favourite food = my idea of heaven!

Tartan suit co ord - New Look // Black Tee - Monki // Boots - Dr Martens 

And yes, I am that animal that dips their fries into their milkshake because it is a dream combination and you can't convince me otherwise. I am so stoked that I got to shoot these photos in my fave place and I feel like food themed blog shoots are going to be my new thing because I honestly had the best time. McDonalds is love. McDonalds is life. 

Photos by Kaye Ford - Site   Instagram 

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  1. Ah now I need a McDonald's! I haven't had nuggs in so long - it's a travesty really. You're really living the dream shooting pics in food heaven


  2. I absolutely fucking love that you have dedicated a whole post to McDonalds - you're my type of blogger and I LOVE IT!

    Kayla | www.kaylajayne.co.uk

  3. love how you did a shoot at mcdonalds. mcdonalds chicken nuggies are my favorite too. and i love the tartan suit!



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