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9 January 2019


Love it or hate it, social media has become an integral part of not only society but our daily lives. It is pretty much unavoidable with a wide host of different social media platforms for us to upload, share and scroll aimlessly through at every hour of the day. With an invite into the lives of others it's sometimes hard to remember that this is a fantasy world.

Every person has two different versions of themselves - their true self and the self they portray online.   A persons social media page is a carefully crafted show aimed at showcasing the best moments and parts of that persons life. We are all guilty of this! We all share our favourite outfits, when our makeup looks *on fleek*, holidays, birthdays, events... the list could go on. I'm in no way saying there is anything wrong with this, I myself am guilty of only ever sharing the moments I deem social media worthy. When I think about what I'm posting online I think about what people want to see. I think about the picture that is going to get people liking, sharing and hitting that follow button. The pictures I post are not only carefully selected by me - they are also hand selected from a dozen of images I've taken, edited to make them look the best I possibly can. But, how true is it?

I'm not saying that everything we post online is a lie. I try to be as honest and true to myself as I can online but it would be wrong for me to say I share every part of my life on here. There are parts that I choose to not share. I don't share what I look like before I put my makeup on, I don't share what I look like on a Sunday morning when I'm still in my PJ's and my hair is in need of a wash, I don't share how crippling my anxiety can make me feel, I don't share how low my self - esteem is and the thoughts that run through my head every day. Part of this is because I want to keep this private but a part of it is because I know this doesn't make for interesting content. Like others, we portray our lives and ourselves in a way that we want others to see us. We are all posers online - acting and showing only the good parts and choosing to hide the not so good.

So, we are all posers in some way! We take what we like and can share that online. It's pretty incredible that we get that choice and it is ours online to decide what we share and how much of our lives we share with others through social media platforms. However, what I think it is incredibly important to remember is that what we see on social media is in fact, a fantasy. It's not real. It doesn't tell the full story. We are posers online.

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  1. love this post! i totally agree with you that social media isn't real and that people only show the best parts of their lives, which is why we shouldn't envy other people on social media. and i love the outfit.

    Ami Amour

  2. Really enjoyed reading this Robyn! I love your pictures here, looking fab!

    Like Emma said, I always try not to get envious of anybody I only see on SM because there could be 10000 things we don't actually know about them.

    Kayla ❤️ www.kaylajayne.co.uk

  3. I really like the concept of having two different versions of yourself. Even though I'm also guilty of this, it's somehow really difficult to remember that it's true of other people too when you're scrolling the socials and everyone looks like they have their whole life together! Also gotta say you look absolutely bomb in that skirt!


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