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5 January 2019


Around this time last year I hit publish on a post showcasing some of my favourite brands for all your alt fashion needs. Well, I thought I would write a similar post as I have discovered some of my favourite brands this year and wanted to share them with you all.

I love to shop for clothes. I don't even want to think about how many clothes I've brought over the past year. There are brands that I am a huge supporter of and will continue to support as I feel like they're clothes are not only high quality but allow me to express my alternative style. I still can't quite get over how popular this post was last year, so I hope you enjoy reading and checking out my favourite brands for alt girls!


I don't even want to think about how much money I've spent on this brand this year! If you have a love for all things dark, spooky and witchy then KillStar is a brand that you need on your radar! They're products are witchingly perfect and cater for all of us who have a deep love for the dark side. Not only are their clothes killer but their homeware has been something I've invested in more this year. They have given me the goth room of dreams and I couldn't think of a brand that is more my style. I will forever love their boots and bags and I know this is a brand I will be keeping a close eye on this year.


If you, like me, love tartan and checked print then I have the perfect brand for you. LoveTooTrue make the most perfect collection of tartan attire and they have expanded across the past year to include everything from trousers and skirts to dresses and the coolest dungarees you ever did see! This is a brand that I have been following for some time now and I have loved watching such a fantastic small brand expand and grow with incredible success. This is one brand you are going to want to check out to make all your tartan dreams come true.

Motel Rocks

This has been a brand that I have been buying more of this year. I really love their slip dresses and they have the coolest collection of leopard print clothes, which I have loved wearing this year! Motel is a brand that suits a whole host of different styles and I find them potentially one of the most versatile brands I have followed this year. I adore star print/ astrology clothing and this brand has catered to my love for this print this year. There clothing is super comfy and is made in the highest quality. I can't wait to see how this brand progresses this year and to see the pieces they have for sale.

Urban Outfitters

So this is potentially the most controversial inclusion on this list. I know many people that can't stand UO and think it's just a bunch of overpriced items but I love it. I'm sorry, I really love Urban Outfitters and have gotten some of my favourite pieces from there so it's being included. I feel like UO is a fantastic brand and I have never had a bad experience with them - it's my number one place to go for brands and if they ever have a sale, I am the first there to see what bargains I can find. I brought the most beautiful jumpsuit this year and UO have really helped me to expand my style this year. Love this brand or hate it, Urban Outfitters will always have a place in my heart.

Bloody Mary Metal

This is a brand that I was introduced to through the power of social media and I couldn't have fallen more in love! Bloody Mary Metal sell the coolest jewellery featuring bones, gems and others insanely rad pieces. I already have a mega long wish list that I would love to own. I started my Bloody Mary Metal collection with their crossbones ring that I got as a gift this Christmas and I can't stop looking at it - it's beyond beautiful and makes me feel like the coolest lil goth. I can't wait to buy more pieces from them throughout the year and I currently have my eye on the most beautiful ring and bone bracelet.

Dr Martens

Was there ant doubt that this brand wouldn't be featured on this post?! I have a long love for Dr Martens and am a proud and loyal customer of them. My Dr Martens collection has grown over the years and with that my love for the brand has also. I love everything about Dr Martens - I love the message they send about individuality, I love their customer service and most importantly I love their products. I got my first pair of Dr Martens when I was in my teens and the quality of every product I have purchased is exceptional! I doubt my love for this brand will ever stop and you can constantly see them featuring on my blog because I feel at this point they are the only brand of footwear I will wear! If you are wanting to purchase a pair of your own my advice would be to size down as the sizing tends to be a little on the big side. And if you ever need or want any advice of Dr Martens, how they fit, which pair you should go for then I most definitely am your girl! 

So they are my top brands to check out if you are wanting to discover some killer alternative fashion choices. I love supporting my top brands and discovering new brands that showcase my alternative style. I am always on the lookout for new brands so please feel free to share your favourite brands with me and let me know what you think of the brands I have included in this post. 

Till next time, 

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