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26 January 2019


Have you ever put on an outfit and instantly felt a million times better?! I feel like we all have an outfit or an item of clothing that makes us feel like our best selves and well, this is definitely mine. Something I feel like, as women, we don't do enough is know our own worth and appreciate ourselves and I'm on a bit of a mission to change that...
I hate to think about the amount of time I have spent since my teens criticising the way I look and hating the reflection I see every day in the mirror. It's draining and soul destroying. We live in a society where we are constantly being provided with daily opportunities to criticise ourselves and find flaws that we didn't even know were flaws! As women, we face a daily onslaught of expectation and comparison to images and bodies that are so far from what our bodies actually look like. I've faced my demons with this and feel like I've finally won the battle with body confidence to not only accept but appreciate my body, my style and the way I choose to look.

Self love is such an incredible but difficult priority in our lives. It has taken me since the age of 13 to finally feel happy and positive about the way I look. It's a hard journey to make - it will be long, there will be setbacks and bumps in the road but once you finally reach that place of self acceptance and self love there is just the most insane feeling of freedom, I feel like the sky is my limit now. I've learnt that the worse thing I can do is criticise my body. If we try we can find a criticism in everything we do but to find a criticism about the way you look, especially when that is something we have to live with every day is dangerous. It can take you to a dark place, that I for one never want to go back to. Once we learn to love ourselves, our confidence grows and so does a IDGAF attitude. I felt like such a badass in this outfit and I just feel like my confidence and new found body positive attitude shines through. I didn't criticise a single thing about how I looked in these photos, instead I thought about everything I loved about them. I accepted my body and myself for who I am. Once we realise our self worth and learn to love who we are we are invincible.

Bodysuit - NastyGal // Skirt - LoveTooTrue // Boots - KillStar // Dagger Pendant - Cartergore // Rings - BloodyMaryMetal, RegalRose, RocknRose 

Appreciating yourself, learning to love the body you have and feeling comfortable with every part of yourself is so crucial in the modern and often self critical world we live in. We have to be our own biggest supporter. We have to learn to love the girl we see in the mirror because she deserves it. She deserves to know just how strong and beautiful she is. She deserves to feel like fire. 

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