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19 January 2019


Anyone feel like it’s been Winter for an age?! I feel like we are living in one long and endless Winter and I am not a fan. After all of the bitter chill and appearance of snow this week I am definitely one of these people left begging for the quick return of Summer. 

Now, I have never seen myself as a summer fan. I used to hate the season. For me, summer meant feeling overly hot, getting ridiculous tan lines and struggling to get on with pretty much anything. However, the summer we have just had was beyond glorious that I have done a complete 180 on my feelings towards Summer and now can not wait for the return of warm, long and brighter days! 2018 was the year that I really took note of my own mental health problems and it really became apparent how much I can struggle with my own mind. I’ve come to realise how much the change in season effects my mental health and my overall mood. I feel like in the summer I am just a much more happier person - my mind is clearer and I feel free and full of life. In the Winter I just feel a permanent dark cloud over me. A mixture of the cold weather, constant darkness and lack of natural sunlight just makes me feel pretty miserable. I feel like I go to and come home from work in the dark, there’s never as much to do in this weather and my fashion choices revolve around me chucking on the biggest jumpier I can find to try and keep warm and it’s just not me. 

I had a blast over Summer and when I think about times when I was the most happiest this summer sticks out as being a time when I was truly happy. I got to do so many cool things, wear outfits that I freaking loved and spend time with my favourite people in the sunshine! I'm already thinking ahead to next summer and what I want to get up to, which is making me want summer to hurry up more. However, in the meantime I will be living in this dream of a jumper and longing for summer days. I needed a faux fur jumper in my life and am beyond in love with this one I picked up. 

Faux Fur Jumper - GLAMOROUS // Trousers - ASOS // Shoes - BUFFALOs

So if Winter could hurry up so we can get to summer that'd be fab! Are you in the same boat as me - wishing for summer or are you more of a Winter person? Let me know you're favourite season and what it is you like the most about it in the comments below! I love to hear from you.

Till next time,
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