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2 January 2019


Have you ever thought about how much time we spend working? Recently, I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed by my never ending to do list and have been letting it stress me out to the point where it has had a dramatic impact on my mood, health and general happiness.
We live in a world that is constantly on full speed. Rushing from one task to the next, always thinking about what we have to do next and no sooner have we ticked off a job than we are busy trying to complete the next. We are constantly in go mode - never stopping, never slowing down so it's no surprise that most of us are stressed out little beans on the verge of completely burning ourselves out! It's almost like we've been tricked into thinking we have to be on the go all the time, that we have to get the next thing done and as quickly as possible in order to get ahead - at work, in our friendships, to find our life's purpose. I'm learning more so now than ever before that it's okay to just switch off from all the stress and pressure of life and relax. Not only is it okay, but it a necessity in order for us to lead a happy and healthy life.

It got to the point a couple of weeks ago where I was on the verge of a complete mental and physical burnout. I became so caught up in life's to do list and was aimlessly trying to get through my never ending jobs, that I was pushing myself way past my limits. I wasn't eating, I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't looking after my own wellbeing and for what? We will always have things that need to be done but that doesn't mean that we can't take time out to switch off. Your to do list will still be there after you've taken the night off to look after yourself or taken a weekend away to refresh and reset your mind. I'm learning that it is okay to not complete every single job I have in a day, to prioritise the jobs that need doing urgently and the ones that I can leave for another day. Taking time to switch off from the stress and constant pressure we put ourselves under is so important and crucial to ensuring our own mental health and wellbeing. We are not robots and we need time to relax, refresh and just do nothing sometimes.

In a world that thrives on the constant fast pace of life, it is important to remember to take time out for ourselves. To do what we enjoy and forget about life's never ending to do list. It's time we spent more time looking after ourselves, valuing our own health and making our wellbeing a priority.

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