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20 February 2019


Hi. Hello. It's me back from (yet another) mini hiatus. Life is insanely busy and I've been busy living it and actually enjoying it. Anyways, I'm back with (yet another) fresh outlook on the direction I want this blog to go and a bit of an explanation as to why I haven't been a very good blogger recently...
I guess the short version is that I've just been oversaturated with the same kind of content. I feel like everything I see from bloggers and influencers just feels very samey to me. It's an over saturation of the same content and I don't want any part of it. I have always prided myself on being a bit out of the ordinary. I enjoy being different and looking a lil different to everyone else but that in itself has led me to put an insane amount of pressure on myself to make sure my content is so different to others. I guess I become hung up on making sure my outfits were unique, the locations I shot at were unlike anyone else's and that what I was talking about things that actually mattered - almost as if every post I created had to have this huge life changing point to it and it just all became a bit heavy. In isolation I love all of these things - I love creating wacky outfits, finding new and different locations and most importantly talking about issues that matter to me but trying to do all of these things in combination multiple times a week was so draining! I scrapped posts because I thought my outfit was too generic or felt like I couldn't shoot in my house when I couldn't be arsed to go out and find a location. I guess I forgot this was supposed to be fun!

I've been thinking back to when I first started blogging and I shot my everyday outfits in my garden because I was too chicken to leave my house. I had the best fun because there was no pressure to be more different or to be better than the previous post. It was just me sharing the clothes I wear and how I style outfits. I guess in doing this, I'm hoping my content will be more relatable because that is something I feel like we are drifting further away from with blogging in general. I want to get back to what blogging is all about for me - sharing what I wear, rambling on about everything from true crime to my love for chicken nuggets! I just want to have fun again!

Denim jacket - Monki // Dress - Motel Rocks // Bag - KillStar // Boots - Dr Martens // Choker - who knows... 

My favourite posts are always the ones where I can tell they were spare of the moment - just people capturing their lives as it happens. I want to treat my blog as more of an online diary space where I can capture what's going on in my mind and each part of my life and what I get up and just hope you guys can relate to how I feel and find a lil inspiration in my daily outfits. It may not be perfect or posed for the 'gram but at least it will be real and isn't that the most important thing?

Till next time,
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  1. Looking forward to seeing the new direction you take your content in! I think it's always obvious when blogging is making someone happy versus when it feels like a chore, the most important thing is to have fun with it!

  2. I am excited to see what content comes from this new direction. I fell into the 'too posed for Instagram' routine when it came to pictures for awhile, and I started to fall out of love with everything because it felt super fake. Lately I've just been rolling with what's going on in my life and I've actually seen more engagement on my Instagram than ever before! I believe people can sense when something is forced and when it's genuine.


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