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2 February 2019


It's February and whilst I am so glad the eternal January is finally over, I am already over the constant onslaught of valentines day emails. Valentine's Day has always and probably always been my least favourite holiday (I'm just lonely and bitter, forgive me). The only love I can get behind this month is self love and showing yourself a lil appreciation.
Self love has become a huge topic I talk about on my blog because this is one of the messages I want to send to others - to help encourage people who stumble across my blog to show themselves a lil extra love and attention. I guess the main reason this is so important to me is because I have been on the other side of self love. Self- hatred was where I have spent most of life up until this point and when I think back on the darker moments of my life, I realise how much self-hatred I was showing myself on a daily basis and how this was damaging me physically and emotionally. Hating yourself is a very powerful and draining experience, it can feel like you are trapped in a never ending void of not being enough - not pretty enough, thin enough, popular enough, clever enough, just not good enough and that is an exhausting way to live.

And whilst I do still have my blips, like this week when I had to fight the urge to give in to one of my more destructive patterns after a couple of comments were made about my weight. I was able to remind myself of how hard I have worked and how far I come away from that girl who hated every inch of her skin. I am so over not feeling worthy or not feeling good enough because I am. We all are.  The thing with self love is the power to harness it, practice it and feel its benefits lie within us. For some of us it comes easier, for others it may take years of practicing small acts of self love daily to feel the benefits but when you do it'll be such a magical feeling. To look in the mirror and not only accept but love the person staring back because you know how much they have had to go through and strong they are for learning to love themselves. To focus on yourself, your progress and one day you'll realise that you no longer care what others think. To do what you want to do, wear what you want and just be 100% you without fear of judgement or criticism. To feel confident in your own skin and your own mind because they are pretty damn incredible and continue to amaze you everyday with their courage, strength, originality and ability to do more, be more. Self love opens so many doors and can take you to places you never thought you'd be able to go but the one thing I've learnt about the power of self love is how light and free I feel now.

Also wanted to show off the cutest outfit I've ever put together - look ma, goths can be cute too. This jumper is crazy comfy and my go to in this kind of weather. Definitely feeling the love myself vibes in this outfit. Self love is gonna be my big mood all month and I want to get as many people as possible to show themselves one small act of self love every day because when we love ourselves, we can do pretty much anything!

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  1. Love this post, I'm sorry people are horrible enough to comment on things that's not their business. You've got a beautiful figure!
    Love Vicki ♡ ickitoria.co.uk


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