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8 March 2019


It's International Women's Day, a day where we celebrate the amazing achievements of women and the progress made in the fight for equality but also a day to reflect on current issues and what issues women still continue to face. When I thought about the post I wanted to contribute to International Women's Day this year, I knew what I felt needed to be said. I strongly believe that a huge struggle, we as women, continue to face are unrealistic body expectations.

As women we face a continuous onslaught of images of how we are expected to look on a daily basis.  It only takes a few minutes on Instagram to see a huge amount of photoshopped images of models, celebrities and influencers all sharing the same message of how we should want to look. Not only are these images false but they are so unattainable! Being surrounded by these images on a daily basis can make us start to worry and feel really self conscious about our own bodies and image because the images we are being force-fed online are so far away from our own. We are constantly being provided with the opportunities to compare ourselves to others and find faults with how we look - am I slim enough? Is my bum big enough? Are my brows good enough? Are my lips plump enough? Is my skin glowy enough? The list could go on but it all ends in the same way... not feeling good enough with the body you have.

I have been insecure about the way I look since my teens and I am tired of ripping myself to shreds based on images that aren't even a true reflection of the person! I am tired of finding faults with how I look and feeling the need to try and hide every single one of my imperfections because I want to feel good enough. It's time I embraced my skin and how I look for what it is. In recent years, I have become incredibly self conscious with how I look, particularly with makeup and using this as a way to hide the parts I have been made to feel insecure about. Well, this International Women's Day I have had enough and am ready to share my face with the world. It may not be perfectly airbrushed or have a flawless filter to it but it's mine and it's done some pretty cool things.

Battling unrealistic body expectations is so tough in the filter world we live in. There is an insane amount of pressure on women to look a certain way and it has to change. We need to battle this with every step to make women feel beautiful in their skin. To make them proud of their bodies. To help them embrace their bodies and love themselves. We are enough.

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