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26 March 2019


Do you ever think about how many times we have criticised our own bodies? When was the the last time you looked in the mirror and actually picked out something you liked about yourself? We have become so quick to critique our own bodies, to compare ourselves to images we see online and just be pretty damn harsh on ourselves. 

I’m guilty of doing this more often than I care to admit and I know it is something I desperately need to stop. I hate feeling bad about the way I look, I hate not feeling happy with the body I’m in and most importantly I hate not feeling good enough. The more we criticise ourselves and point out our flaws, the more we create a negative image in our heads of how we look. We then begin to not like or more worryingly begin to hate the way we look. I’ve been there and it is not a place I would ever want to be again. Everyone can feel insecure about the way they look, everyone can feel like a part of the way they look isn't "good enough". I have been told so many times that because I'm "skinny" (their words, not mine) that I couldn't feel bad about the way I looked, which just made me feel worse because it made me feel guilty for finding flaws with my body. It made me hate myself and the way I looked even more!

I used to avoid cropped anything. I couldn't think of anything worse than showing off my stomach for the whole world to see - and why? Because I didn't look like and Instagram model. I don't have defined abs, my stomach isn't toned and when I eat too much pizza, my stomach bloats to twice the size. But I've come to accept that is normal. The way my body works is normal and healthy and I should stop putting so much pressure on myself to look a certain way all of the time. I'm not the only one that gets wrapped up in the comparison game, I do it all the time but I've come to learn just how damaging it actually is! There are no two bodies that are exactly the same, there are no two people who look exactly the same and that is what makes this world so amazing! In order for us to be healthier and happier both physically and mentally we need to accept how we look and embrace that this body is ours and it does a pretty awesome job!

Top - Boohoo // Trousers - LoveTootrue // Chain Belt - New Look // Boots - Dr Martens 

Going into this photo shoot with this mindset really had a drastic impact on how I then saw the photos. Usually, I would have spent hours going through the huge number of photos I've taken, finding flaws with pretty much everyone and putting content out there feeling like everyone else would notice my flaws too. However, I am done hating my body, criticising every aspect of it and essentially feeling like shit about the way I look. Changing my outlook means that I freaking love these photos and feel like hot shit. I think the thing that has changed the most is how much more confident I look in these photos compared to others I've shot in the past. I want to rock the body I've got and show it the love I've never been able to do in the past. 

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