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18 March 2019


If there is something I can't resist it's checked and tartan clothing. I feel like the majority of my wardrobe consists of tartan trousers, skirts, dresses. I even have a tartan suit! I guess you could say that this has become my go to and has definitely a signature style of mine.

Finding a signature style is all about finding what makes you feel the best. Which style of clothing you feel the most at home in. How you style yourself should be about expressing who you are, it's an extension of your personality and a huge part of that is feeling at home in the clothes your'e in. The only way you'll find your signature style is to think about how you want to represent yourself. You might be like me and go for a very limited range of colours in your wardrobe or you might love clashing bright colours, and patterned fabrics. You might be the kind of person who feels their best self in skirts and dresses or that might be your worst nightmare! Finding your signature style is a feeling. It's all about how you feel in the clothes and whether you feel your best self. There will be types of clothes and fabrics that feel more you than others. For me, tartan is a fabric I wear a lot and has definitely become a part of my signature style. Its a style that I would associate with myself and I would like to think others would think the same thing. I feel the most me in some type of checked tartan and chunky platformed boots. It's who I am.

I guess a huge part in tartan becoming a part of my signature style is it's link to the alternative style, particularly grunge. I would describe my style as a mixture of goth and grunge so getting to put together an outfit that combines my love for both of these styles is the dream. I got this dress from Nasty Gal a while back and have been wearing it at every possible opportunity since. I've recently been paying for attention to how I accessorise an outfit, to pay closer attention to the smaller details as I really feel they complete an outfit. So, to really grunge up this outfit I pair it with my favourite goth stompers and this chain belt I brought recently, which has become my new ultimate accessory. Combining all of these elements together, I feel this has created a power house of an outfit that showcases not only my signature style of tartan but the perfect mix of my goth/grunge style.

Black Bodysuit - New Look // Tartan Dress - Nasty Gal // Boots - KillStar // Dagger Pendant - CarterGore // Initial Necklace - Pull & Bear 

I feel like I haven't written a fashion post in forever and I really missed it! Personal style is something that is so important to me and something I have spend a long time developing for myself. I couldn't wait to share this photoset with you. After a lil while not shooting content I got kinda anxious about whether I would be any good at shooting content or if I would have forgotten how to even stand in front of a camera. So, I was over the moon with how these turned out. 

Till next time, 
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  1. You and YouTuber, Snowy Lowther, introduced me to the concept of styling tartan/plaid and I now love tartan! I am middle-aged, so I can’t pull off the form-fitting tartan short skirts and mini-dresses. However, I do have four pairs of pants and I love them; I wear them often. And I get compliments. I’m on the lookout now for a great pair of not-too-tiny, tartan shorts. You look great in these photos!

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