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12 March 2019


Time management has never been my strong point. I'm a perfectionist and will put 100% into everything I do, so what do you do when you have multiple commitments that you feel you can't put your all into?

I love this blog and creating content online and would love nothing more than to put all of my time and energy into it, however, like most bloggers I know this blog does not provide me with any source of financial income. I also work full time during the week and am very lucky to be in a job that I love but it is also a job that is insanely time consuming and take up the majority of my time. I don't know about you but I feel like the expectations for our jobs are becoming more and more. We are expected to do more with no additional time, which means unfortunately we work longer and harder. All of this additional responsibility can leave little time for anything else and that's a place I have found myself in.

In all honesty, life has just taken over and as much as I love this blog it just isn't my main priority and I have to sometimes put this on a bit of a hold. As much as I would love to post consistently every week, schedule tweets every day and upload fresh content across social media throughout the week... it just isn't possible all the time. I've had to remind myself to not feel guilty about this and that I don't always need to stick to a super strict schedule with my blog. I've also had to learn to not care as much about stats and I think that is the hardest part. As superficial as it sounds, we blog to share our content and a pretty big part of that is wanting others to read it so to see that effected can feel like a pretty big weight on our shoulders. It can be hard to get past it and remember that we don't owe a post to anyone and that sometimes life does it get in the way and just sometimes our blogs aren't always our main priority.

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So, what next? I will never give up blogging and I will always want to create and upload content. However, I think we need to be kinder to ourselves. Remember that in life we have other priorities and they sometimes have to come first. I think it's time we throw away the schedule and feeling guilty  about not being able to post.

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