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15 April 2019


I was talking to my friend the other day about blogging and she was talking about how she was ready to give it all up and I can’t say I blamed her. I was feeling the same way not too long ago and it really got me thinking about blogging, the whole point of it and more importantly what I really wanted out of this lil space on the internet.

I think the main issue with blogging is that we can sometimes feel pressured into creating a certain type of content, our minds can trick us into feeling like our content has to look a certain way. Once this happens, we can become obsessive over everything we do - criticising our photos, comparing our content to others and feeling trapped by what we are creating. That inevitably takes away all of the fun of blogging and can leave you feeling miserable, a slave to the blogging industry and wrapped up in the “gain” culture. Only creating content and sharing images online for the sole purpose of how many likes you can get and how many people you can get to read your blog post. I had to learn the hard way that whilst a part of us will always create content for the enjoyment of others and yeah the likes and views are ace and such a confidence boost; it shouldn’t be the driving force behind any of our content. We can’t create content for the validation from others. It’s definitely not the way I want to live. I don’t want to limit myself to only creating content that I think other people want to see or will like. We shouldn’t be limiting our creativity and self expression this way. 

I’ve removed a lot of the negative restrictions I’d subconsciously placed on myself and my blog through what I thought people wanted to see from me. A huge one for me was feeling like I had to be featuring new outfits constantly on my blog. It was making me feel like I couldn’t feature the same outfit twice and I was stressing myself out trying to constantly source and style fresh new outfits. Not only was it completely tiring but it was unsustainable. If I like an outfit I will wear it to death and I wear all of my clothes in a bunch of different ways, so why wouldn’t I share it on my blog? I tell you why, because I was so caught up in feeling like I had to be creating new everything - new looks, new outfits, new locations… always something new! It was not only restricting my content but was making me feel so miserable and like blogging was a bunch of rules and limitations that I had to stick to and I was so sick of it! I wanted to quit it all because it just wasn’t fun and if I’m honest didn’t seem worth it anymore. If this was what I had to do to be a blogger then I wanted out. But then I thought about how all of these restrictions and limitations were all my own. Nobody had said any of this but it was something I had somehow convinced myself to follow. I decided it was time for a new approach to blogging - to not give a damn about engagement or doing it "for the likes” and to actually create the content I wanted to. 

Since I adopted this mindset, I can’t tell you how much I have been enjoying making content. I feel like I’ve fallen back in love with the whole process of blogging again. It’s become fun again and it’s a feeling I never want to loose again. I just want to take the ideas I have and share them with the world and I’m learning that if people don’t like it as much as other content I’ve created or if it doesn’t get as much engagement - then that’s okay because the only validation I need is from myself. As long as I’m proud of the content I’m putting out then that should be enough.

Cardigan - Topshop // Smock Dress - Motel // Boots - Dr Martens 

Adopting this mindset has ultimately made me a better blogger and a better content creator because I'm thinking about what I want to do and how I want my content to look. I finally feel happy and confident with the stuff I'm putting out there. It's made me way more grateful and appreciative of the engagement my content does get because it means so much more to me now. We shot these photos on a pretty busy street and usually my anxiety would stop me from shooting in front of people walking by and looking but I was able to get these shots because it was content I knew I wanted to shoot and that made me so much more confident to stand and pose for shots I am pretty proud of!

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  1. I love this post! I've had my blog for 5 years. but I haven't really been able to keep up with up (I only have like 30 posts total). I always found myself taking breaks for months at a time because I was feeling discouraged and like my content just wasn't going to be good enough. I'm finally looking to get back into a comfortable blogging routine because it's what I want to do. I need to stop caring so much about what's going to be 'good' and just do what makes me happy.

    Angie | Angie Americana

  2. I think a lot of bloggers feel that way from time to time. I'm glad you are still blogging.
    You write beautifully on interesting subjects, and have excellent fashion taste.
    Your hair and eye-makeup look pretty, I love the look of that Motel smock dress.
    Your street-style outfit photos by and in the phone booth are great!

  3. So glad you're enjoying blogging more now. I think we go through phases as a blogger and sometimes we venture so far out of what feels like "us" and haven't even realised. This is usually do the pressure we put on ourselves!



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