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30 April 2019


So something I feel is not spoken about enough in the blogosphere, is how to maintain some level of a private life when you choose to share a huge part of your life and yourself online. It’s a balance I have definitely struggled to get right in the past but an aspect I feel is becoming more and more relevant in the buzz of blogging and social media. 

Before I launch into this I just want to put it out there that in no way do I consider myself a “big blogger”. Blogging is not a source of income for me and has very much always been a hobby of mine. By writing this, I don’t want people to think that I have people asking for my photo in the street or invading my privacy in any way - as we often think when we talk about maintaining a private life. It’s not like that at all, however, every person is not only entitled but deserves a private life. We live in a world where not only is it so easy to share every aspect of our lives, we are encouraged to share so much of ourselves online. Just think about how much personal information we can learn from someone, just by what they post online. It’s kinda scary when you think about how open we are and how much we actually share online for everyone to see!

When you share so much of yourself online, especially pretty private and personal thoughts and feelings you can be in a very vulnerable position. Whilst it is important as a blogger to share about who you are as a person and make that personal connection with your readers. I have learnt it is equally important to maintain a private life for your own health and happiness. It’s a lesson I learnt the hard way. I felt like I was almost oversharing and put myself in a very public, open and vulnerable position. I had to set some boundaries for what I wanted to share with the online world and what I wanted to keep to myself and the people I know personally. I reevaluated not only what I was sharing but how much I was sharing across social media and came up with some off limit topics such as my job and talking about the people that I know personally without their permission. Setting boundaries in what I share online has allowed me to regain some sense of control that I felt I had lost in oversharing every part of my life online. It’s allowed me to separate the girl who blogs and the girl who is a teacher. It’s improved my emotional and mental state massively, with me no longer feeling like I’m living under this huge microscope where I have to share how I’m feeling or what I’m doing all the time! I feel like I’ve finally learnt how to get the balance between choosing to share parts of my life publicly whilst also maintaining a private life. 

For me, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, we all need a private life. We all need to feel like we are in control of how much we choose to share with others. I think a lot of bloggers may forget that we are entitled to that too. That we are entitled to having control and not putting our lives under a microscope 24/7! Setting clear boundaries has allowed me to really think about what I want to share online and what I would prefer to keep private and that decision lies solely with me. It’s our choice and we need to make those decisions not only for our emotional wellbeing but for our own sanity!

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  1. Love this! It is so easy to overshare online but not always all that healthy



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