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11 April 2019


What word pops into your head when you think of a suit? For me, it’s power. Historically a suit has represented power and being in control. So, what better way to show the world that I am a young, ambitious and career driven woman that is absolutely bossing it. 

It was instilled into me from a very young age to work hard and I have always been pushed by my parents academically and into the world of work. For me it has always been incredibly important that I am able not only able to financially support myself but to be a strong and independent woman. I have been surrounded by strong females, who I have looked up to as role models, and I think this has had a huge impact on myself and how I see myself in terms of being a woman in the world of work. In September, I took on a leadership role at work and I never quite anticipated how difficult it would be to not only get people to listen to my ideas but to see that I was capable of the role. 

The issue with being a young, female leader is that you have to work twice as hard. It felt like everyday I was facing criticism and backlash from someone. The problem is people find change incredible difficult and when a group of (older) adults have been used to doing something in a certain way, it can be hard to change their minds and convince them to accept and embrace your ideas. Being fairly new to the job and only being qualified for a year at the point I was asked to take on the leadership was tough because I questioned my own experience... but it was a completely different feeling to having others question me. People are quick to question whether we are too young or too naive to be in a leadership role. That we don't lack experience or knowledge. It can be difficult when you are faced with this on a daily basis - you can feel in a constant battle. However, what I've had to learn is to "suit up". To be assertive in the workplace, to trust my own judgement and to remind myself that I'm doing the best job I can because mama didn't raise no quitter! For me having to "suit up" is about realising your own power and strength within yourself to be a young and ambitious leader. We have to realise that experience doesn't count for everything and sometimes the best ideas come from someone who is new, young and open to change.

Suit - New Look // Top - Urban Outfitters // Shoes - Buffalos // Chain Belt - New Look 

I feel all the cool wearing this outfit and this has become one of my go to's for work. Wearing a suit reminds me of the power and strength I have to be an ambitious and driven young leader. Whilst pairing it with a chain belt and my Buffalos adds a really modern and young twist to a more traditional look, which I think is the perfect reflection on myself as a young leader. I may be young but I am bossing it and there are so many of us that are doing the same, which is so awesome!

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  1. Came for the outfit, stayed for the boss attitude and all-round awesomeness! You are an amazing role model - keep on pushing on and proving those who doubt you wrong


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