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5 May 2019


She's back with another retro / vintage inspired post. A huge part of where I get my style inspiration from actually comes from previous decades and trends from the past. It’s definitely true what they say - that fashion repeats itself. So, for me the challenge is taking inspiration from the past and combining them with more current recent style inspiration to create a modern outfit with a lil retro twist. 

I mentioned not too long ago in a previous post that the way I was introduced into the “alternative” style of clothing was actually through vintage and rockabilly. More recently, I’ve been becoming inspired by old Hollywood glam and pin up. I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from idols like Betty Page and Dita Von Teese and more modern vintage inspired models like Minja Cvetkovic and Chloe Marie Kerley. I love taking inspiration from their style and seeing how they bring a vintage vibe to our modern fashion scene. I've been attempting it more myself recently and I've really loved the challenge of trying to blend together my love for the vintage scene with my goth/ grunge style. Trying to find a way to bring these two different styles together hasn't been easy but it's something I want to begin to showcase more on my blog because this is how my style is progressing. 

I was so blown away by the amount of love and support my last vintage inspired post that it has made me want to share more of this style journey on my blog. For me, the hardest part has been finding little ways I can bring a retro twist to my everyday outfits without going full blown vintage. However, something simple I've found is wearing a hair scarf to give my outfits a lil retro twist. I drove past this small old style garage and knew that this was the perfect location for my new retro inspired outfits. I still want to keep it modern and true to my goth love. So, I paired some ripped jeans with my 90sesque Casper tee and I feel like I've found a balance of all that I love. 

Top - Urban Outfitters // Jeans - NastyGal // Shoes - Converse // Belt - Pull & Bear // Hair Scarf - New Look 

It can be pretty tough making any kind of transition away from what you're used to. I've been dressing like a lil grunge goth kid for so long that I always felt like I wouldn't ever dress any other way. But we are people who change and progress. As I get older, I'm realising that how I want to dress can progress to. We shouldn't ever feel stuck to one type of way of dressing because that make us resent the way we dress. I am loving adding a lil retro twist to my wardrobe - it's funny how taking inspiration from the past has given my style a fresh new upgrade.

Till next time,
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  1. You look very pretty.
    I love the look you achieved with the 'Casper' the ghost graphic Tee, stressed blue denim jeans, trainers and twisted scarf hairband.
    Your eye-shadow, winged eyeliner, mascara, and perfectly applied lipstick all look beautiful.



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