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28 May 2019


Can you believe it’s been 3 years since the first post went live on Midnight and Lace?! Fast forward 3 years and this blog and myself have been on one hell of a wild ride. I’ve been thinking back over these past 3 years and it’s left me feeling a lil nostalgic. 


Fashion wasn’t a niche I started to explore until seven months into my blogging journey, but I think it’s safe to say this has now become my most frequent and popular type of blog post. I had an instant love for sharing my outfits with you and getting to piece together my everyday style to share on Midnight and Lace. Here are my top 3 fashion looks I’ve put together on the blog over the past 3 years...


3 years of Midnight and Lace also means 3 years of Blogoween - where I dedicate all my posts in October to creating Halloween content and looks inspired by my favourite month. I get such a buzz from creating Blogoween content and just turning Halloween into a month long event (I've already started planning Blogoween for October so...). It’s definitely my favourite time of year and I love getting to share my spooky posts with you. So, here are my top 3 Blogoween looks I’ve created over the years...


Midnight and Lace has given me the most incredible opportunities over the past 3 years and some true pinch me moments. When I first started this blog, I wasn’t expecting anyone to read my posts, it wasn’t made for anyone to read. It was a place for me to express myself. So, to have had the chance to work with brands and the opportunities I’ve had has blown my mind. Trying to choose my top 3 moments was so hard because every moment blogging has given me has been special but here they are...

Earlier this year I got to host an event with my favourite skincare brand Kiehl’s. It was a moment I’ll never forget. To have a brand I love and have used for so long to want to help me host a masterclass was just amazing. I was so nervous but loved every moment of it, to have people turn up to hear what I have to say and come support me was insane and just a moment I’ll treasure forever. 

I was in an incredibly lonely place when I started blogging and what has made blogging such a lovely experience has been the people I’ve had the chance to interact and meet with along the way. I have made some incredible friendships through blogging and the support and love I have received from the wonderful people of the internet have made this the best 3 years. 

Like, did this even happen?! This will forever be my top pinch me moment with blogging. I never expected to be nominated for an award, let alone go and win the bloody category! It really showed me how my little blog was having an impact and how it was effecting other people. It made me really value my blog and think more carefully about the content I was putting out there. For me, it allowed me to take my blog to the next level and acts as a constant reminder that there are people that not only like my blog, but think it’s worthy of an award and that is the greatest motivation I need! 


When I look back on the last 3 years, I don’t only think about my blog but I’m also reminded of the incredible personal journey I’ve been on since hitting publish on that first post 3 years ago. The past three years has been filled with extreme highs and moments of pure love and joy but also moments of extreme lows in which I’ve struggled to even make it through the day. This past year, in particular has been pretty tough. My mental health took a real turn for the worst around October last year and only in the past month or so have I begun to feel like myself again. I started to open up more about this part of my life online and the support I’ve had has blown me away! Opening up and sharing your life online can leave you in a very vulnerable position but I’m glad I have. I’ve been able to share my personal journey on my blog and see how Midnight and Lace has had a massive impact on my growth into the person I am today, a person I didn’t think I could be and I am so grateful. 


What can I say. I wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for all of you lovely people who continue to support my blog. You are the reason I love Midnight and Lace so much. You inspire me to keep creating content, to share my style, to talk about the parts of my life I find difficult and to embrace being different every day. There are not enough words I could use to express how grateful I am to you and your continued love and support, whether you’ve been here since day one or are a more recent reader - thank you from the bottom of my lil goth heart. Midnight and Lace is my proudest achievement and that is all down to you! This is a dream come true for me. 

Thank you for embracing the strange and unusual with me!

Till next time, 
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  1. Congrats on three years! I love reading your blog and it shows that you really enjoy doing it. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you - I am sure it will be awesome


  2. Happy third blogiversary, and congratulations on all of wonderful outfits and makeup looks you've included in those three years of fabulous posts!!!!!! I love that you've included links to your posts that feature each of your Top 3 fashion posts, Top 3 Blogoween looks (all of them are spookily gorgeous), +fab photos from your Top 3 Moments. You've done three years of fabulous blogging!

    Last Minute Halloween Excuse Post with Old Full Drag Selfies and Thanks to Commenters


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