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31 May 2019


Have you ever seen a trend and thought that's something I want to add to my wardrobe but I don't know how? That was exactly how I felt with the midi skirt trend. 

Midi skirts seem to have become a long running style staple and have pretty much dominated spring and summer fashion. I love the look of midi skirts and they look like a practical item of fashion, which I’m completely here for. If I’m honest, it’s kinda refreshing to see a trend that isn’t trying to get women to show off as much skin as possible because let’s be honest, that seems to be a running trend with pretty much every trend. I have no problem with showing off a bit of skin, if you’re comfortable to do that but my thighs have always been my biggest insecurity, so any trend that covers them in a flattering way is a bonus for me. I’ve also been working on making my wardrobe multifunctional and a bit more practical for my life - trying to find pieces that I can wear for a range of different occasions, that are suitable both for my style and items I can wear to work because lets face it, that is where I spend most of my week! Anyway, back to the original problem I faced when first looking at midi skirts… why are they all in a shiny, glittery or flowery print? Midi skirts tend to be targeted towards a more feminine and elegant type of style, which is ace but can you see me choosing to wear a pink or glittery skirt?! Absolutely not. I hadn’t actually seen anyone who has an alternative style rocking a midi skirt and I was unsure whether I would be able to add this item into my everyday wardrobe. 

However, the thing about fashion and about style in general is that it should work around you. Sometimes you have to be willing to take a bit of risk and do a lil searching to find what you’re after. I fell head over heels in love with this midi skirt from Motel! It was the perfect compromise between the midi skirt style I had been wanting to add to my wardrobe but also didn’t compromise my love for punk and alternative fashion. It is the perfect punk midi skirt and I have found a way to style this that I absolutely love! Pairing this skirt with my Docs and an oversized graphic tee has created a summer punk style outfit that I am going to be rocking all summer. I was kinda skeptical at the high slit in the side of this skirt but it hasn’t bothered me as much as I thought it would - and it shows off my favourite tattoo, another little bonus to this skirt! 


Tee - H&M      //     Midi Skirt - Motel      //     Boots - Dr Martens 

I didn’t expect to find a midi skirt that I could work into my personal style and I definitely didn’t expect this outfit to look as cool as what it does. I learnt a pretty important lesson whilst on my hunt for the perfect punk midi skirt - at the end of the day fashion is all about how you wear it, if you want to wear an item of clothing then you should, because it’s your choice and that’s the best thing about style - making things work for you! 

Till next time, 
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  1. You would definitely look fabulous wearing any outfit pieces you like the looks of. Both you (thighs included) and your outfit look beautiful, attractive and fashionable. Your makeup looks very pretty as well.



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