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23 June 2019


Have you ever seen a more perfect pair of boots in your entire life?! So, this week saw the greatly anticipated release of the Dr Martens x Lazy Oaf collection, in which four different products were released - two types of creepers, a pair of sandals and a pair of boots. I managed to get my hands on a pair of boots and thought I would share my first look and first impressions with you in a post!

 Over the years, I have built up quite the Dr Martens collection (I now have 14 pairs). They are without a doubt, my favourite brand and I get way too excited every time they announce a new release - especially if they are limited edition. So, when the Dr Martens x Lazy Oaf collection was released earlier this month I was pretty hyped. I managed to nab myself the black boots from their first collection and I love them! I was so happy to see they had decided to go with the more Dr Martens style leather instead of the suede that was used in the last collection. When it came to the release day, I was checking the site every 10-15 minutes and managed to get a pair of the boots before they sold out on the Dr Martens site. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t actually look at how much they cost until after I brought them and in all fairness I don’t think it would have made any difference! There have been quite a few (very justifiable) comments on how overly expensive this collection is, in comparison to normal Dr Martens and the previous collab they did with Lazy Oaf. These boots cost £179 so are the most expensive pair of Dr Martens I’ve brought over the years. However, I only ever wear Dr Martens and know these boots will get plenty of wear over the years because I still wear the first pair I got when I was 16, so for me the value and quality of the boots kinda justifies the price, maybe? I don’t know, they are expensive but again, I am a huge Dr Martens fan so maybe I’m the idiot for pretty much being willing to buy any product they release! The boots arrived really quickly for me and I feel like I might be one of the first people to have received there’s? There have had a lot of comments from others, to say they haven’t had there’s yet. So, I feel pretty lucky to already have mine!

So, onto the boots! After my purchase, I did worry slightly that I wouldn’t like these boots! They are definitely have a more feminine vibe - with the pink and the love hearts… not necessarily something I would typically wear or have in my wardrobe! However, when I opened the box, I fell in love instantly with them! So much care and detail has gone into the creation of this product and they are such a well designed and special pair of boots. They feature the lazy oaf little pink heart, not only on the back of boots but on the boot tongue - which I thought was a cool new addition. I really love the zip feature with the buckle over the top. This was the feature that sold it to me on the site, I thought it was a really cool design and looks freaking amazing! The pink love heart tag is also a really cool new addition that wasn’t on the first collection. I feel like you’re probably supposed to take this off, but I’m definitely going to be leaving it on because it looks cool af. They are really comfy to wear and like the first collection there is padding around the top of the boot, which is where I usually have issues when breaking Dr Martens in. So, this usually helps and makes them an easier and more comfortable pair of boots to wear without having to destroy your feet to break them in! The only thing I will say, is that these have been designed specifically for women so their fit is slightly more snug in comparison to the unisex design of boots like my Jadons. They are slightly more narrow as well. I did order my usual size in Dr Martens of a 6 and they fit fine! It is just more of a tighter fit, so that is something to be aware of if you prefer a looser fit. Overall, I am so in love with these boots and think this is a much better collection! These boots are the perfection combination of the Dr Martens tough girl vibe and Lazy Oaf’s pretty but cool vibe - to just make a pretty freaking amazing pair of boots! I can’t wait to go stomping around in these for the unforeseeable future. 

I just love the Dr Martens x Lazy Oaf boots and think this such a cool collection that they have created. They sold out pretty much straight away on the Dr Martens site, however, Lazy Oaf still have most of the collection available in most sizes, so if you want to nab yourself a pair here’s where you can find them. I haven’t done a review post in a while, so let me know what you thought and I hoped you loved my first impression of the coolest boots! 

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