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11 June 2019


Remember a few weeks ago when the weather was absolutely beautiful and we all thought we were going to be in the middle of a heatwave all summer long?! Yeah, well the weather fooled us big time! 

Now if there is one thing last summer taught me, it’s that I bloody love summer! I never saw myself as being a summer fan and definitely always had myself as an Autumnal kind of gal (mainly cuz of spooky season and Halloween). But there was something about last summer that completely changed my mind. I developed a love for the warm weather and the sun. There’s just something about the warm sun that boosts my mood! It makes me feel happier, more optimistic and more motivated. I’ve come to realise just how much of an impact the weather has on my personal wellbeing and outlook on life. Generally, I just feel better in the warmer, summer months. I’ve touched on this in the past and I’ve put it down to the weather and lighter days just making me feel more positive and helping me to feel my happier self! 

Whilst I have developed a love for summer, the weather is not always on our side at this time of year and I can’t quite believe the difference in comparison to this time last year! The unpredictable weather often means that my summer wardrobe doesn’t get as much wear as I’d like it to. I fell in love with these orange mom shorts last year. They were an item I saw in store and went back to multiple times before finally taking the plunge and buying them. As you can probably tell, bright orange shorts is not something I would have expected to add to my wardrobe but I think that’s what attracted me to them. They were so different, so unlike anything you would find in my wardrobe. They are a true statement piece and add that pop of colour, that is usually missing from my outfits. However, the problem is since I brought them, I’ve only worn them two or three times. It’s not that I don’t like them, I bloody love them and would wear them all the time if I could. It’s the weather! I haven’t had the chance to wear them as often as I’d like because the weather is so miserable most of the time! I need the sun to make a reappearance or maybe just move to a hot country so that I can give my beloved shorts the recognition and wear that they deserve! 

Oversized Black Tee - George ASDA // Orange Mom Shorts - Topshop // Boots - Dr Martens // Watch - ADEXEWatches // Rings - Regal Rose, RocknRose, BloodyMaryMetal 

The weather definitely doesn’t do summer fashion any favours and I really hope that I won’t be stuck wearing jumpers all summer long! I want long summer days. I want the hot sun warming up my skin and making me feel all the happy. I want to wear my summer wardrobe. Are any of you in a similar situation - have an item of clothing you want to wear, but the weather is not playing ball? Let me know what it is in the comments below. 

Till next time, 

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  1. I love the rich orange colour of those mom shorts. Summer officially starts in just under nine days (21, June), so I'm sure you will be getting a lot of opportunities to be wearing those shorts in the near future. They would also look fab under a clear raincoat. I like how they look styled with the black top. I've been very lucky. The weather has been very nice where I am lately.

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  2. They're just perfect for sewing some patches on!


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