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17 July 2019


I've been a pale lil ghostie my entire life and have fully embraced my pale skin tone. But there has always been a part of me that has been curious as to what I would look like with a bit of a tan.

I'm not going to lie,  I always felt like tanning wasn't an option for me. When I thought about fake tanning, I automatically think of instagram models, bronzed women and a deep dark tan. Something that seemed so far away from my natural skin tone and to be quite honest a way I never want to look. I didn't want to look like a Love Island contestant. I just wanted to look like I'd been on a relaxing holiday. I guess seeing others and seeing fake tanning fails had put me off and made me feel like tanning would never be an option. However, I was so curious as to how I would look with a tan. I've never use fake tanning products, never even tried tinted moisturiser and I've never been abroad. Basically, I've always been pale. So, I decided to bite the bullet and get a spray tan - what's the worst that could happen, right?

Deciding which brand to go with for my first spray tan was a fairly easy process. The brand were advertising for demo models for an upcoming training session they had so I contacted them and got booked in fairly quickly. This also meant the tan would be free - so if it went wrong at least I wouldn't feel like I had wasted my money. On the day I went along and I was definitely a mix between excited and apprehensive. Was it awkward? Standing in pretty much nothing is never going to feel completely comfortable, however, my lovely spray tanner made me feel as at ease as I could do and the longer I stood there, the easier it got and it was all over with in half an hour. I then went home and about my day and after 5 hours went in the shower to wash it off and the tan then gradually got darker over the next 12 hours.

I am beyond impressed with my spray tanning experience and the results are incredible! The tan looks so natural and is such a beautiful shade - not too dark but definitely noticeable. I can't quite get over that this is how my skin looks. It looks so healthy, so glowing and like I've just got back from jetting around the world. I have received so many comments about how good my tan looks and people can't believe that it's a spray tan! The tan should last around 2-3 weeks, which is ace. It just makes such a positive change and sometimes it's nice to try something a lil different.

I'm so glad I bit the bullet and got a spray tan. Everything I was nervous about vanished the second I saw the colour and I can't get over how natural it looks! It's definitely something I would consider doing again and I'm actually looking to get booked in before my birthday next month. Getting a spray tan has made me feel so confident about my skin and I just love the glow that the spray tan has given it - I feel like a true bronzed goddess.

Till next time,
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