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13 August 2019


It can be so easy to feel lost in the world. We are constantly surrounded by people who look like they have their shit together, that it can make us panic! We can feel an insane amount of pressure to have life sussed and if you don't , it can leave you feeling a little lost. 

I definitely fall into the second category of NOT having my shit together and as I get older, I am feeling the pressure of having to sort my life out. I am very nearly 23 and I mean, there are people my age who have brought their first home, got married, travelled the world, be well established in their careers or even started a family. Yet here I am - debating whether I can get away with having a third takeaway this week! In terms of true "adulting" I haven't done a great deal. I never felt the need to do any of this until I was surrounded by others who were ticking of these huge milestones. It made me feel like I was living my life wrong and made me feel really lost - I was so unsure of my purpose and what I wanted to get out of life. 

The truth is, I don’t know what I want out of life. There are certain things I know I don’t want - I know I don’t want to be a teacher forever, I know I want to go into another aspect of education - but what and when, I have no idea. I know there are places I want to visit because I’ve never left this country and I think there is so much this world has to offer but I wouldn’t say it was high up on my priority list. Marriage and children have never been something I’ve ever thought about as wanting or needing in my life, if they end up happening then fair enough but I wouldn’t say they were things I wanted out of my life. A feel a big part of me not really having a gameplan, is that one of the main strategies that I’ve been taught to help me control my anxiety is about focusing on the present. We’re taught to only focus on the now and not get caught up thinking or obsessing about the past or the future, as this was something I was doing daily and it was destroying my life. I’ve definitely adopted a more it’ll happen when it happens approach and I’m happy. I don’t have some huge lifelong plan of where I see my life going and to be completely honest - I’m winging it. 

I was getting so caught up in what I thought I should want out of life and where my life was going that it was making me feel lost and without a purpose. I forgot that this is MY life and I'M the one that gets to decide what I do with it. I may not know where my life is heading in the future but I know that right now I'm really happy! I have a job that I love, a blog and platform that is doing really well and I feel like my message is actually helping others and a family that supports me no matter what (I do also have a guy that puts up with me and makes me feel proper happy - but we're not soppy or deal well with showing these kind of emotions so we will briefly mention it and put it in brackets to downplay that!) 

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It can be so easy to feel lost when you don't have your shit together. But just because you don't know what you want to do or where you want your life to go doesn't mean you are lost. In fact, it means the opposite. You are discovering your journey, every single day. You are enjoying your life right now and not worrying about what the future holds. You are finding who you are. And that is pretty incredible. 

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