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6 August 2019


Trying to change anything about the way you dress can seem pretty daunting. Even if it’s just adding a different element or aspect into your current wardrobe, you can doubt yourself and your own style. I always get that phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” stuck in my head when I have a fashion idea I want to try that is out of my style comfort zone. But, change is good and getting out of your comfort zone to experiment with fashion is fun and can lead to some pretty killer outfits. 

We can get comfortable in our own style, which can be a really positive thing. It can make us feel like we have found our style, we know what works for our bodies and what makes us feel the most comfortable and confident. However, we can also then get stuck in a style rut, where we feel like anything that doesn’t fit within this “style comfort zone” we shouldn’t wear or just wouldn’t work for us. For me, my style comfort zone are looks that are monochrome, clothes that are fairly loose and don’t show/ aren’t too tight on parts of my body that I can get self conscious about like my stomach and my thighs. A trend that I have seen and admired from a distance, is neon. I loved how bold and vibrant it is plus it’s such a statement piece for fashion that I truly admired. However, I had almost talked myself out of ever considering this to be something I could work into my wardrobe because it didn’t fit within what I saw as “my typical style”. It wasn’t black or white, it was very bright and it would bring attention to me - something I’m not always the most comfortable with. 

There was a particular t-shirt I fell in love with, it was neon green, had an unusual asymmetrical cut and just looked cool as hell. I kept looking at the t-shirt, searching through Instagram to take a look at how others were styling it and pretty much admiring it from afar. Then I asked myself - what was I really afraid of? It was just an item of clothing! Fashion is supposed to be about expression, creativity and individuality. I hated that I had made myself feel trapped inside my own monochrome style, to the point where I was so put of buying anything that didn’t fit in that small circle I had made for myself. So, I took the plunge, brought the t-shirt and thought about how if I didn’t like how it looked, I could always return it - but at least I had given something out of my comfort zone a go. 

Neon Top - BERSHKA // Checked Trousers - LOVETOOTRUE // Shoes - CONVERSE // Dagger Necklace - CARTERGORE // Padlock Necklace - ASOS 

This t-shirt is everything I usually try to avoid - bright colours, tight, cropped. But I absolutely love it! Pairing it in a way that is still within my style helped to make this outfit different to my usual look but still me. It’s given me a confidence to try things that I wouldn’t necessarily always go for initially. Remembering that fashion and style is a choice and getting out of your fashion comfort zone can be really difficult - you can doubt yourself and how you might look. But, if you never try then you’ll never know and you might end up adding a new element to your wardrobe that you hadn’t thought of before!

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  1. You look fabulous modelling that attractive OOTD! The black and white checked LoveTooTrue trousers look great styled with the neon yellow Bershka crop-top and the black and white converse trainers.



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