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23 August 2019


We are heading into the last weekend of August and I can practically smell the pumpkin and crisp Autumn air and let me tell you, it’s getting a girl very excited.

Autumn has and always will be my favourite season. Over the past few years, I’ve developed a true appreciation for Summer and have enjoyed the warmer lighter days but… in my heart I will always be an Autumn kinda gal. Obviously, a huge part of my love for this season comes from it being spooky season and when we get to the beginning of Autumn, I’m pretty much on a countdown to Halloween! I love the Autumnal months and the activities that I do - going for walks and seeing the variety of different coloured leaves in the most amazing range of reds, oranges, yellows and browns; getting my spook on by looking at all the Halloween decorations and going pumpkin picking; and feeling like a cosy lil marshmallow in woolly jumpers and stomping around in my Dr Martens.

I love Autumn fashion and it is without a doubt my favourite season to style and piece together outfits to share across my blog and social media channels. I just feel like this season is much more me and fits with my personal style more than any other season! The colours become darker - with colours like black, burgundy, charcoal, rust etc. being around much more, I am a huge fan of jumpers and have been longing for days cool enough for me to wrap up in an oversized jumper and just feel like I’m walking around in a hug. 

So, to kick off Autumn season, I wanted to share an outfit that I feel will become a strong contender for my most worn outfit of the season. This was a jumper I brought a few years back and it has been the one I keep coming back to because it is the comfiest thing I have ever put on my body! I decided to get this new skirt after falling in love with spot patterns this summer and thought it was a pretty versatile seasonal piece - I’ve worn this a couple times this summer without tights but as the weather gets cooler, I’ll pair this with a pair of tights and my my trusted platformed Dr Martens for a simple yet cool Autumnal outfit. 

Jumper - H&M // Skirt - New Look // Boots - Dr Martens 

I am one girl that is fully ready to embrace Autumn and all that comes with it! Autumn fashion is my favourite and I cannot wait to share all of my top outfits for the season with you, as well as my top spooky looks! 

Till next time, 
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  1. You look fabulous wearing the H+M Jumper paired with the mini-polka dotted black button-front New Look mini-skirt! Your hair, perfectly applied eyeliner, mascara and lipstick all look very pretty, and I love the perfect-for-autumn shade of your eyeshadow.

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