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1 August 2019


Without a doubt, the topic of interest I get asked about the most is skincare. I've worked really hard on establishing a good skincare routine into my daily life and couldn't be happier with how my skin looks. It's been a journey in which I have learnt a lot from skincare experts, spent a lot of time researching different products and have been to a number of different events in which I have picked up expert tips and advice. So, I thought I would finally put it all into a blog post to help you get the best skin of your life.

The hardest part about skincare and writing about skincare is that every skin type and every persons skin is different. I had to spend a while getting to know my skin, understanding the issues I was having and finding out which products worked best for my type of skin. However, there are two main things you're going to want to be looking for when finding your skin type - oil and hydration. How much oil is there on your skin? And how hydrated is your skin? And I'm not just talking about surface level hydration, I'm talking about deep level hydration. The best way to find this out is to go and get this done in store, there are a number of stores now that can help you work out your skin type. Obviously, I'm going to rave about Kiehl's and the do offer a free consultation that can help you determine both of these crucial factors for your skin. The key element behind getting the best skin of your life is hydration. A key fact I've learnt is that most skin is actually dehydrated. yes, even oily skin. If you find you have oily skin, it could actually mean your skin is lacking deep hydration. If your skin is lacking deep hydration, your skin produces more oil to compensate. So, if you're using products to combat oil because you think you've got oily skin but the main issue is lack of deep hydration that could be the result of breakouts.

So, once you've learnt about your skin type, you know the areas you want to improve and the types of products you should be using to combat this. Now, it's time to go out and invest in your skincare routine. But, with so many different products and brands producing the same product, all claiming their product is "the one" how do you know which one to go with? Well, there is no definite answer. You have to find a brand that works for you. For me, Kiehl's is my go to brand and I have found not only a brand I am loyal to but a brand that has completely transformed my skin. The best advice I can give when it comes to choosing a brand is to get samples of different products, read up on reviews and give it a go yourself. I would also try and stick to one or two brands when it comes to skincare, just because then you know all the ingredients work with your skin type and all the products will compliment each other and work together.

Creating a full skincare routine can be extremely pricey. I use all Kiehl products and am well aware of how expensive some of their products can be. Not everyone can justify that price and when I first started, neither could I! It has taken me years to slowly create a skincare routine, introducing new products when I can afford to do so and building up the collection of products I know have. I guess, the way you have to see skincare and building a good skincare routine is it is an investment. Having a skincare routine from a young age will benefit your skin throughout your entire life. It's all about prevention over protection -  preventing ageing, dehydration, damage etc. and the best way you can do that is through investing time and sometimes a bit of money into a solid skincare routine, that works for your skin, its needs and helps you get the best skin of your life.

I am an in a place where my skin has not only never looked better but is in such a healthy situation. I have recently taken the step to remove foundation from my makeup routine because I don't feel the need to wear it and my hope is that one day you will also feel this confident with your own skin! It's all about taking the time to learn, invest and trial a routine that will not only transform your skin but hopefully your confidence to!

If you have any questions, want any product recommendations or have any of your own advice or tips you want to share. Please leave them in the comments below!

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