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8 October 2019


Here is the second instalment of this years Blogoween series - The 7 Deadly Sins and today it is the turn of GREED. 
"Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual"

Money is a reality many of us have to realise. It's something we have all spent more time than we should thinking about - juggling finances, spending it, earning it, worrying about it or wishing we had more of it. We are all guilty of spending time wishing we had more money, thinking about how much better we would be with a bit more money and feeling like our happiness is determined by how much money we might have. We are overcome with a love of money and all the things that money can provide that we can be blinded by our own greed and thirst for money. 

We all need money to survive and in our society, having money provides us with incredible opportunities - that can be incredibly good for us. However, we can become materialistic, overly reliant on the possessions and wealth we may have and can become obsessed with forever wanting more. We should try to become more content and grateful for what we have in life. Looking past the materialistic nature of our society, to think about what is truly important to us. 

I hope you liked my second Blogoween look and are enjoying the series so far! Don't forget to let me know which sin you are most looking forward to seeing me create in the comments below. 

Till next time, 
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