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26 October 2019



I have been turning myself into Lydia Deetz for the past three years, that I thought it was about time I showed a lil love and respect for the demon who runs the show - Beetlejuice. I've loved Beetlejuice for so long now and it's the one film I never get tired of watching. Tim Burton is a master and I love all of his creations, but Beetlejuice holds a very special place within my heart. My first tattoo is a tribute to my favourite film! So, I think that cements my love and place as a Beetlejuice super fan!

Beetlejuice inspires a lot of my style choices, with my usually tending to give a subtle nod to the Beetlejuice vibes through stripes. However, I have never done a Beetlejuice look for the blog and I thought it was about time that changed! I gave my own lil spin on the traditional Beetlejuice look and it ended better than I thought... but also very much more Joker-esque than I anticipated as well! However, I'm not mad about the accidental mash up. Just see it as Beetlejuice becoming the head boss of his own demon gang!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my Beetlejuice look! Make sure you check out all my other Blogoween posts!

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