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22 December 2019


Have you ever seen a coat more perfect in your entire life?! I fell head over heels in love with my perfect winter coat and have been dying for the perfect chance to showcase it on my blog. 

I was reminded this week about a set of photos we shot in the snow two years ago and they still are some of my favourite photos we've ever shot because they're so beautiful and made me look a bit like a snow princess. It instantly reminded me of my favourite coat and one I've been wearing a lot recently because it makes me feel the same way! I have been wanting to shoot content in this coat for so long and now seems like the perfect time! 
As some of you will know, I am very into vintage inspired fashion but always struggle to work it into my gothic / alternative style. So, when I find a piece that perfectly showcases my love for both fashion styles I feel like I've won the fashion lottery! I got this coat in the sale last year from Collectif and have been waiting patiently for Winter and an excuse to wear it as much as possible! 
This has been my go to Winter coat this year and every time I wear it, I have had nothing but compliments. It is everything I never knew I wanted and makes me feel like the ultimate Goth Queen. I work with children and their reaction when I wear this coat is priceless, they always tell me I look like a princess and it's the ultimate ego boost. It is a very regal coat and I always feel myself acting slightly more regal when wearing it, the power of the coat! 
It is so beautifully designed down to every single detail. The faux fur trimming around the coat is a perfect mix for the velvet body, the oversized hood and the heart shaped buckle just completes the look. I've never felt more like a Hallowqueen and I am living for it! It's amazing how much one piece of clothing can change how you look and feel about yourself but this coat brings out my regal side and makes me feel like a true queen. 

Coat - Collectif // Red Jumper - Urban Outfitters // Boots - KillStar 

Finding my coat of dreams and getting to wear it during the colder months helps to make the cold seem worth it when I have such a beautiful coat to wear. These are the first set of photos we've shot since August! It felt amazing to be back creating content and getting out of the house to shoot photos instead of doing them from the comfort of my bedroom. I can't wait to get back into a more regular routine of shooting for my blog again. 

Till next time, 
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