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11 December 2019


It's that time of year again. Christmas is probably the busiest time of year and a time filled with celebrations and lots of excuses to drink! 

We are in the full swing of festive season and that also means Christmas parties. Whether it be with family and friends, the annual work do or just an excuse to pop on a frock and get out of the house. However, it can be so difficult to know what to wear! I was very lucky to have to go to two Christmas parties this year, but that also meant finding two different outfits to wear. I am definitely a panicker when it comes to deciding on what to wear to any event / occasion. I wear black all year round so at Christmas, I like to rock the boat slightly by going for something slightly different and my go to colour is emerald green. Green has always been a colour a love wearing and I find this shade of green is perfect for the festive season. So, I have created three different outfits that are fit for whatever type of Christmas party you have planned and whatever makes you feel best comfortable.

The Ball Dress 

It's not very often I get to wear a long dress and feel like a lady! This year was the first time I've had an excuse to wear a fancy dress and go to a fancy Christmas party. I got to wear this dress to my boyfriends Christmas party and I have never felt more elegant and like a princess. What I loved the most about this dress was that it had an open back and still felt very much me. 

 Dress - ASOS but purchased on Depop

The Trousers 

Most of the time, I hate wearing dresses and skirts. If I'm going out I'll prefer to wear trousers and especially at this time of year because it is hella cold outside. So, for my girls that feel much more comfortable in a pair of trousers I've created an outfit that is comfy yet is still a stand out piece paired with a plunging body to have all eyes on you this festive season! 

Bodysuit - Urban Outfitters // Trousers - New Look 

The Lace Trimmed Dress 

This will actually be the outfit I plan to wear to my own Christmas party at work. Our work party is much more low key than the one I went to last week. So, I felt this outfit was a more casual yet still had a strong party vibe. For our party we are having a sit down 3 course meal followed by going out to a few bars in town. So, I needed an outfit that was versatile for a meal and going out afterwards and this dress is perfect! I love the three quarter sleeves and feel this is very true to my style (especially when I inevitably pair it with my Docs!)

Dress - Oasis

Three outfits for three different occasions! The most important thing to remember about any outfit is that you should feel comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear. Whatever you plan to wear, whatever you have planned for celebrating Christmas I hope you have the best time, dance the night away and enjoy every moment of it! 

Till next time, 
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  1. All three of these outfits look very attractive.
    I love the green colour, look of the fabric, drape, and full cut swingy look of the elegant Asos ball dress. I also really love the very lacy and feminine green dress from Oasis!!!

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