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6 January 2020


Sometimes we just have to get away from everything to truly reset and refresh your brain. I recently took a little escape to the middle of nowhere and it was exactly what I needed! 
I am very aware that I spend a lot of time getting myself caught up in high expectations, stress and being overly attached to my phone. So, what better way to switch off and reset all of my batteries than to escaping to the middle of nowhere for a few days and just completely switching off! I cannot take any credit for finding this beautiful hideaway in the middle of nowhere but I honestly had the best time!

We stayed in a little Shepherds Hut down south in Sussex. We booked the place through Air B&B and the location is actually on the hosts property but they have created a completely isolated and separate area on there property so you feel like you are on your own. The hosts were amazing and the place has everything you would ever need for a perfect switched off break. Inside the cabin it was incredibly modern and just the cutest place ever, the bed could be folded away during the day to be turned into a dining area and was so easy to flip between the two. I loved the window above the bed as it meant that at night you could look out and stare at the stars as you fell asleep - who wouldn't want that!? The hosts also supplied breakfast and a complimentary bottle of Prosecco! We also chose to rent out the hot tub for an additional £25, this included the hot tub, robe and flip flop hire for the time of our stay and it added such a special extra to our stay. Getting to be outside, sitting in a hot tub in the middle of the country looking up at the stars was just an experience I never thought I'd have but it was just amazing in every way - I even got to see a couple shooting stars!

Whilst there we visited the sculpture park, which if you are ever in the area I definitely recommend! We wanted to go for a long walk but also wanted something exciting to look at and this was the perfect combination of both. All of the sculptures were named and numbered and we followed the guide to take a stroll around and take a look at every kind of sculpture you could think of. I've never seen anything like it and it was just so cool. Besides that, we ate a lot of food and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. There were so many local pubs (one we went back to twice) and had the perfect fish and chips. There are lots of villages that surround the hut but all that need a drive, so that's definitely something to bare in mind. However, we didn't mind because we spent our evenings in the hut drinking with the fire on - I also discovered that starting a log fire is a talent I didn't know I had. 

Getting away and forgetting all of the worries and anxiety I carry around on a daily basis was pure bliss and gave me a true break from my brain. I really needed this and I needed a detox from life. I needed to just chill and be at ease and peace with myself and the world around me. As someone who has lived near a city her whole life an escape to the country was exactly what I needed and I would love to do more. Not all the time and I definitely could not move to the countryside (30 minute drive to the nearest Mcdonalds? No thank you.) But just switching off from my phone, my daily thoughts and having time to actually destress and feel relaxed has left me in such a clearer head space! I have a clarity and light I didn't have before.

And I guess the company wasn't too bad either! Check me out actually posting a picture of us on my  my blog! The reason we went away together was to celebrate that we haven't managed to annoy each other to not want to be together and keep hanging out with each other for a year ( a big step ). Getting to escape to the country with this guy was exactly what I needed before starting back at work and if you are feeling stressed by life or just wanting to get away for a few days to reset and refresh - this is the perfect place to do so. 

If you are looking to take a closer look. here's the link to their Air B&B page - LINK  and if you do decide to book please let them know about my recommendation ;) 

I'm no travel blogger and I've never wrote a travel style blog post before so any feedback or if this is something you'd like to see more of, please let me know! 

Till next time, 
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  1. I saw this place on your Twitter and thought it looked insane!! Deffo need to escape to the middle of nowhere some time soon


  2. Beautiful place. Yummy food.


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