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20 January 2020


One of my goals for 2020 was to become more regular at posting on my blog again... well we're almost a whole month in and I've posted maybe twice?! So, that's clearly off to a fab start! 
There is a very simple reason I haven't been posting and that is that I've been scared. I've been wanting to try taking my blog in a slightly different direction but I have been so scared to even give it a go that I've been avoiding all content making - a real mature decision I made there. 

I've spoken about this topic a fair bit in the run up to the new year both on my blog and my social platforms. I've been stuck in the longest blog rut for a while now, not really enjoying the content I've been making but not really knowing why or what to do to change how I feel about the content I make and blogging as a whole. I've been blogging for over 3 years now and my blog has gone through many stages and a whole progress journey. The more established I felt I was becoming with my place in blogging, the more I started to feel pressure to make my photos look of a high quality and feel the need to have a "professional" looking blog. I felt like that was the only way my blog was going to be readable and attract readers. But, I am in no way a professional. I am just one woman, trying to make her way through adulting despite still dressing like a 15 year old stuck in her goth phase!

I feel like I lost the "real life" in blogging and I wanted so desperately to find a way to bring that back to my blog. I decided to sack of niches as a whole, to stop restricting myself to only posting fashion posts (trust me, there's only so many times I can say I love an item of clothing or show you how to wear a striped tee). I wanted to bring a bit more of the real me to my blog, but the one thing that was still stopping me was my photos. 

I love the photos I take on my camera. I love scouting out locations. Getting dressed up and shooting these really cool shots and editing them for you to see. But... they don't always show you the real me. They aren't always the outfits you could wear everyday (I definitely don't!) and they are so freaking hard to shoot! It can take up time and energy I don't always have. It requires a lot of confidence that I don't always have - there are days where I don't have the mental strength to dress up and pretend to be something I'm not. They require me to rely on other people to shoot my photos for me, which I don't always have. A couple months back, I started to post my actual outfit photos that I had taken in front of my mirror with very little editing or thought and I was surprised at how much of a positive engagement I got from them. People seemed to be engaging more with these photos than my "professional" looking ones and it got me thinking about why. I came to the realisation that these photos are more real - they show a real person, showing off an actual outfit of the day and that is exactly the direction I need to be heading with my blog. I want my blog to be a place that's real, a place where people come and feel at home and can relate to what I'm saying and what I'm wearing - to feel like they could wear this in there everyday life. 

But, I've been so scared of it not having the reaction I'm hoping for. I am an over thinker and over analyse every situation. I've been worrying that people will think they look silly or that they look like a person who doesn't know what she's doing. But, I owe it to myself and to you to give this a try. To stop avoiding posting something because I'm worried people won't like it. So, here you are. An outfit I actually wore today all day at work before coming home and taking a few photos in front of my mirror. This is me. These are my outfits. This is my real life. 

Striped Tee - H&M // Green Cord Pinafore - F&F 

I'm going to be giving this a try and it won't always be these kind of photos. Sometimes, I'll share outfits I've shot in different locations (when it's warmer though because a girl can't handle the cold), sometimes I'll talk about fashion or mental health or serial killers! And if something's don't work I'll just stop posting them but I need to get over being scared trying something new because I might just find something that works for me and something you hopefully are interested in and can relate to! 

Till next time, 
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