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23 February 2020


So, for the majority of us blogging is something we do alongside working another job. Unfortunately, as much as most of us would love to spend our time creating content and publishing new posts on a frequent basis, this just isn't possible, which can make us feel guilty for not getting posts out, for not scheduling content etc. . It's time we get rid of the part time blogger guilt.

I definitely feel like I fall into the category of being a "part time blogger". It's something that came about slowly and something I didn't even realise until I was sat here with the realisation I hadn't published a blog post in over 2 months?! And I'm sure I'm not the only one who sometimes finds it impossible to find the time to sit and create content as often as we would like.

Life can get busy and complicated. We can have commitments we have to prioritise. Work that seems to take over your life. And well, blogging has to take a backseat. I love blogging but as much as I love this space I have, it doesn't pay the bills. Blogging has and always will be a hobby of mine. I love being a teacher and plan to start talking about it a little more on here because I spend so much of my time either at work or doing work. But, it is a very demanding and sometimes draining job. I come home and after I've made sure I'm ready for the next day and ticked off a couple of jobs on my never ending list, I'm exhausted and just ready for bed! I don't want to sit and write a blog post, I just want to watch Big Mouth and fall asleep! Then at the weekends, I'm still doing work (teaching is not a job, it's a lifestyle choice) or spending time with people I care about or on little adventures because to me that is what I should be prioritising.

It isn't until I get some time off like a half term or a holiday that I can really think about my blog, what I want to write and have time to actually write up a couple blog posts and shoot a couple outfits. But with this comes the guilt that I'm not doing enough. That I should be posting more, shooting outfits daily and dedicating more time to my blog. I start to compare myself to people who have made this their career and can spend more time creating content than I can and I start to feel incredibly guilty! But, I'm done feeling guilty for not being able to post to a schedule, for not always being able to create content and for being a part time blogger. When I get to writing a blog post, I love it! And that's all that matters. It's not about how often you post or how many times you can tweet in a day. What matters is that you enjoy what it is you are publishing to the world. Getting rid of the guilt has helped me to be a better blogger in many ways, I no longer feel like I have to post and instead do so when I have something to share.

I saw this outfit I wore a while back on my instagram and remembered how much I loved it and hadn't worn it since! That's what I love about sharing my outfits online - I remember outfits I completely forgot about. Being a part time blogger is a reality for so many of us, so why do we feel guilty about it? As long as you write what you want and are happy with what you are creating - that is all that matters! There is nothing wrong with being a blogger part time.

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  1. That is such a healthy, excellent mindset and approach to things. I was a full-time professional (vintage fashion) blogger for several years (during what one might call the heydays of the blogging world), retiring that site a few months after a life-altering tragedy befell myself and my husband.

    I recently reentered the blogging sphere again for the first time in nearly three years - this time helming an entirely different, brand new blog. I'm doing so on a much more part-time basis than my previous site (which I ran for eight years) and am finding myself periodically surprised by the differences between blogging full-time/professionally and doing in on a part-time, more low-key basis.

    I got much more serious about my IG in the past couple of years and already saw (and continue to see) that as a blog unto itself, so in a way - when combined with me new site - blogging isn't super part-time for me technically, but it isn't consuming my every waking minute (or nearly so) either. I've been down that path before and while it can have pros and perks, it can have major cons as well, and I have zero desire for blogging to presently take up that much of my world.

    I'm really liking blogging part-time, and while I'm still trying to find certain balances that work well for me right now, I hadn't fully realized just how much I missed blogging nor how dearly I needed to have this meaningful creative outlet in my life.

    Anyhoooo, that was a lengthy way of saying that I can relate to this lovely post and that I am with you entirely when it comes to giving blogging guilt the boot once and for all!

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life


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