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26 March 2020


Isn't it just the best when you meet someone and you just instantly click?! That's how I felt when I first started talking to my best mate Jess or as most of you know her Foxxtailz. Having a strong friendship is more important than ever and I'm so glad I get to have Jess as my bestie.
Blogging has changed my life in so many ways but one of the best things to come out of blogging is my friendship with my best pal Jess. The moment I met Jess for the first time at the Bloggers Blog Awards 2018 (we'd been speaking online for a few months before then) we instantly jelled well together. Since then, we speak on a daily basis, have spent a bunch of weekends together, been to 2 festivals and consumed countless drinks and pizzas. I honestly feel so lucky to have a best mate like Jess. We're just on the same page about most things and the only think that we are the opposite about is our wardrobe colour choice!

So, when I went to visit her recently we decided to twin it with matching suits we have but are in our signature colour choice. Quite often, Jess and I will buy clothes that are very similar but Jess always wears bright colours like brink, yellow and purple whereas I very much stick to only wearing black and green. What is better than shooting a bomb ass photo set with your bestie?! I had the best time shooting these outfits with Jess, outside our fave hangout spot - Belgrave pizza, if you know, you know. I love how these photos turned out and how it screams 90s Clueless vibes with an edgy alternative twist.

See how much I love this girl?! Having a bestie you can talk to about anything and hang out with is the best feeling in the world and I am so glad I get to do with it with this girl! She's the coolest gal I know and we definitely need to co-ordinate our outfits more often because we look freaking cool. Love you loads mate x 

Let me know who your best mate is and what do you like doing together?

Till next time, 
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