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6 April 2020


Well, you gotta find something to do whilst in isolation and since I can't leave my house to shoot photos I've decided to keep myself busy by shooting content and trying to get myself back into a regular blogging schedule. So, I decided to do a fun little blog post on 3 different isolation outfits that I've been wearing and am pretty sure I'm not alone! 


Like most people, I am currently working from home so have been living in comfy clothes. These days, you're lucky that I even get changed out of PJs and into comfy clothes! Typically I'm living in jogging bottoms and a tee. It's been surprisingly warm so a tank top has been my go to and a cap to complete the outfit. A cap has always been something I put on when I'm chilling around the house, no idea why - it's just comfy! I've never really been a loungewear person but I am a total convert and can't imagine what it's going to feel like to have to put real people clothes on again. 


Okay, so there have been a few days (most days) that I've had a PJ day because why not? I aint leaving the house so I might as well wear PJs all day and that's currently what isolation is doing to me! We are all in agreement that being comfy is the top priority for isolation fashion and what is more comfy than a pair of PJs? I recently got these super cool PJ bottoms from KillStar and they have turned into my ultimate isolation style staple. I've been spending more time chilling in my room and doing work /hobbies from the comfort of my bed. Along with the release of Disney +, I've been watching lots of movies and countless episodes of The Simpsons. Every day is a PJ and film day. 


The most active I've been during lockdown is getting up to get a snack every hour. I have been making sure I'm moving around now that I'm not at work as I have a fairly active job and never get the chance to sit down during the down. So, I've been taking advantage of having the time to sit and get jobs done but I do want to keep myself at least a tiny bit active. I am not a fan of exercise and have only recently (and reluctantly) been to the gym once, never again. I've been doing Just Dance and it's actually a lot tougher than I thought. Besides that, my active wear is pretty much used for me lounging around! And I'm hoping I'm not the only one who's active wear is not used for being active. It's comfy as heck and super stretchy for countless snack sessions! 

Let me know what outfits you've been wearing whilst in isolation. I hope you liked this little and fun post. It's been really ace getting back into shooting content for my blog and I've really enjoyed the additional challenge of shooting from inside my own home. It's given me ultimate nostalgia to when I first started blogging and would shoot on a tripod in my garden at uni! I can't wait to share with you the other outfits I've shot.
I hope you are all keeping healthy and safe at home!
Till next time,

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