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10 April 2020


So, whilst we may be in lockdown and isolating at home I decided to get back on my blogging game. I'm currently working from home, which means I have a little unexpected free time to start making content again. A couple of years ago, I used a backdrop to shoot photos whilst I was at uni and haven't really had an excuse to use it since. Until now! So I set it up in my garden, found a ton of outfits I've had on my "to shoot" list for a while now, set up my camera and got busy!

Beetlejuice has long been a favourite film of mine! I love everything about the film, in particular the aesthetic and colour / pattern combinations that are used in the film. One of the most iconic parts of the film has to be the Beetlejuice striped suit. It's probably the first thing a lot of people think of when they think of the character of Beetlejuice so naturally I look for anything that I can add to my wardrobe to give a little nod to my favourite film of all time. If you, like me, love Beetlejuice and like to add a little pop culture to your wardrobe then look no further than this perfect boiler suit from Lucy&Yak. I had been following Lucy&Yak for a while on Instagram but had never committed to buying anything from them until they released this boiler suit and I was sold! It is the perfect Beetlejuice-esque outfit and I love getting to wear it. I've never owned a boiler suit before but this is the most comfiest thing to wear. I love it when clothes have pockets and this boiler suit has plenty! I like to turn up the sleeves and hems and pair it with a belt. My number one thing I look for in my clothes are pockets. Back when I wore real people clothes and left my house, I would get a ton of positive comments when I would wear this boiler suit.

Boiler Suit - Lucy&Yak // Belt - Next // Jewellery - BloodyMary Metal, Regal Rose and RocknRose 

The world can seem a pretty bleak place at the minute and it can seem like everything is going wrong. I'm trying to stay positive and do the things that make me happy and the one thing I can always rely on is this space. My blog has always been a safe haven for me to escape to and I just felt so at ease when I was shooting new content, it was like I was coming home! It's been a while since I've shot content and even longer since I self shot content in a garden but I actually really enjoyed it and think they came out so much better than I thought they would. I'm really excited to start publishing posts more regularly and share what I have been creating with you. I hope it gives you a little light relief from everything that is happening at the moment and brings a little joy. 

Keep safe and till next time, 
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  1. You look pretty rocking that vertical striped Lucy+Yak boiler suit!
    Beetlejuice was a fun movie to watch!
    Your outfit photos came out looking fabulous.
    Best wishes xx <3

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