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28 May 2020


Four years ago, on the 28th March 2016 I hit publish on my first ever post for Midnight and Lace. Since then, my blog has continued to grow into something I would never have expected! A lot has changed since then and I thought I would dedicate the day by getting a lil nostalgic and reflecting back on my blogging journey over the past four years. 

I find it absolutely crazy to think that when I first started my blog I was actually an anonymous blogger! I didn’t post any pictures of myself or even shared my real name with anybody. I think I was still very self-conscious and very unsure of myself and who I wanted to be as a blogger, so it was easier to hide behind this mask and if it went wrong I could just delete it and pretend it never happened. I still have no idea how I went from being an anonymous blogger to a fashion blogger! I am now a person who spends most of the day trying on clothes, taking pictures of themselves and is probably a huge narcissist – lol jk we love that Leo energy! In all seriousness, becoming a fashion blogger and being introduced to the world of fashion was a real turning point for me personally. I had never really thought about using clothes as a way to express who I am and I really feel like this blog and Midnight and Lace has helped me to truly learn and discover who I am as a person and it is a true blessing to be able to share that with so many people. Through my blog, I felt for the first time in my life that I belonged somewhere, that I was accepted for who I am and I finally learnt who that person was. Before I started this blog, I thought that fashion was just about clothes, however, since delving into the world of fashion and being a fashion blogger I have learnt that is so much more than just the materials that we wear. Fashion is about creativity, individuality, and showing off who you are to the world. I truly believe that fashion is an art form. It is the artwork that we create for the the world and get to share that every day. And we get to decide and change to whatever we want and to me that is just magic. I am so proud and blessed to be a part of this!

When I have been writing this post, I have looked back at some of my earliest blog posts (shout out to anyone who was around then and knows what I’m on about)! I look at that person and that young girl who was so afraid to be herself and felt like she could never achieve anything and would be alone and sad for the rest of her life and it breaks my heart a little. I am so proud of everything that she has done since then because that girl who first started a blog in 2016 is not me. I have changed so much as a person since I started my blog, I am almost unrecognisable in the best way possible. I honestly don’t know who I would’ve turned out to be if I hadn’t had started Midnight and Lace. This blog gave me a purpose when I didn’t have one and it gave me a voice when I felt like nobody wanted to hear mine. The person I am now is a confident, independent and determined woman and she’s kind of a bad ass! This blog definitely didn’t just change my life but I really do feel like it saved me. Since starting my blog I have graduated university with a first class honours degree. I am now doing my dream job as a teacher. I have a network of supportive friends and people that I never thought I would have. And if you know me you know I hate PDA and being soppy but I am in a healthy and happy relationship that I never thought I would find. So, even given the current situation at the minute, my life is pretty great and having this blog is a huge part of that.

Over this past year, I have really thought about my place in the blogging world and whether Midnight and Lace was coming to a point where it was time to bow out gracefully. I just wasn’t really into how the blogging community and the blogging world was shaping into something very commercial and very materialistic. Blogging has not ever and will not ever be a business for me, it is the only hobby I have ever kept for a long period of time and I just find it fun and I wanna keep it that way. I was getting wrapped up in this world of having to have a "brand" and having to be a business. It was so exhausting and confusing - it made me really question whether I wanted to be a blogger or not. But nobody was putting that pressure on me apart from myself, so I stripped back to basics. Isolation has really been a fantastic time for me to think about my blog, the future of Midnight and Lace and the kind of posts I want to do. I’m currently shooting blog posts in my garden, having to be creative with new content and I’m having the best time! It’s something new, something different and it’s also something that everybody has a level playing field on. It’s really sparked my love for blogging again, at a time when I felt like I was outgrowing this world. I have so many things planned for this blog and I’m just not done yet and I don’t know whether I’ll ever be done. I love everything that Midnight and Lace stands for and means to me and I’m hoping that you guys love it just as much as I do.

So, a huge huge thank you to every single person who has ever took the time to read one of my blog posts or follow me on Instagram (trust me, I need all the support I can get on that platform!) or  watched my YouTube videos back when I made those (will they make a comeback - we'll see!).  I created Midnight and Lace as a place to find my voice and I feel like it has turned into a platform for others who are trying to find theirs. I love getting messages telling me that you have found inspiration from outfits or that you feel more confident or comfortable to try something you were scared to do it before. That is what I want the message of this blog to be. To be unconditionally yourself. To be your most authentic self and be proud to share that with the world because you are amazing and the world deserves to see that!
Thank you for your never ending support - whether this is your first post or whether you have been here since 2016 rocking it out on this journey with me. You’ll never know how much it means to me. Midnight and Lace has become a part of who I am and I am so grateful that you continue to support me on this journey.
Till next time,
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  1. Two months belatedly, happy 4th blogiversary!!!!!!
    I LOVE the absolutely gorgeous, wonderfully feminine and extremely fashionable OOTD you styled and were wearing in the outfit photos above!!! It's real haute couture!
    You look beautiful wearing it. Your hair, eye-makeup, and perfectly applied lipstick all look very pretty. .
    I do not have an instagram account, but I love your Midnight and Lace YouTube channel videos (I'm one of your 197 subscribers there) and the Tweets on on your Twitter @MidnightAndLace - i noticed you had 3,748 Followers there as of this morning.
    Best wishes for your blogging, vlogging+Tweeting fame and satisfaction in the years ahead xx <3 :-)

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