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17 May 2020


First of all - how are we all doing? For all of us lockdown is a situation we never thought we would find ourselves in and for most of us a situation we never want to experience again. It's not been the best of times has it. 
However, what I feel lockdown has taught us all is to be a little more appreciative of the little things we took for granted before. I've spent a lot of time during lockdown thinking about what I am truly grateful for and what I will make sure I appreciate when things slowly start to get back to normal. Lockdown has hit me pretty hard and I've taken great comfort in looking forward to the future and clinging on to the hope that this is only temporary. So, I thought I would share with you a list of things I cannot wait to do once lockdown has been lifted and it is safe for us to resume living our lives to the fullest again (these are in no particular order, just what came to my mind). 

1. Seeing my twin sister and giving her a hug. 
2. Hugging my grandparents. 
3. Going into McDonalds and getting my favourite meal. 
4. Visiting my best pal Jess in Leeds for the weekend. 
5. Going on more weekend adventures with my fave guy.
6. Pub gardens. 
7. Catching up over a drink. 
8. Nights out. 
9. Spending the day in town window shopping. 
10. Being back at work and doing the job I love. 
11. Shooting photos outside. 
12. Going on my first holiday abroad. 
13. Picnics in the park. 
14. Little food shopping trips with my mum. 
15. Family BBQs 
16. Friday pub club with my work family. 
17. Playing card games at the pub. 
18. Dancing the night away in a bar. 
19. 2for1 cocktails at Revs. 
20. Pizza dates. 
21. Going for a Roast. 
22. Dates at the arcade. 
23. Day drinking. 
24. Getting my hair done! 
25. Finally getting my tattoo.
26. Family sports day. 
27. Wearing rings again!
28. Going to work with my hair down. 
29. Getting to wear cute clothes again. 
30. Stomping around in my new docs. 
31. Drinking games. 
32. Being able to just walk into a shop and stroll around the shop. 
33. Seeing photos of all the fun adventures people are up to on social media. 
34. Visiting my grandparents more. 
35. Slamdunk!
36. Taking shots with friends. 
37. Being surrounded by people living their best lives. 
38. Seeing smiles. 
39. Hugging friends and family.
40. Taking more photos of fun times with people I care about. 

Let's face it this situation isn't great but what it's important to try to keep hold of is that it also isn't permanent. It will end. And I for one will never be taking anything in my life for granted again. I'm going to appreciate every thing and every one in my life and this hope is really getting me through this difficult time. 

Till next time, 

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  1. I love this post Robyn! I'm sorry you're struggling with this at the moment but I think a list like this will definitely help you when lockdown is over!

    Sarah x


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