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9 May 2020


First of all - how are we all holding up? I hope you are all well and safe and are feeling as best you can given the current situation.
I want to share this outfit with you because it has definitely become one of my most treasured items of clothing. There is a little story behind this dress and how I came to own it so I thought why not share it with you all. So, this is a dress from Lazy Oaf and when this dress first came on their site, I spent countless hours looking at the dress, adding it to my basket, thinking about how much it cost and then closing the tab. I thought the dress was beautiful! But I wasn't sure whether I could justify the price for how I felt about it. I wanted it but did I want it that much? Then, I saw it had Sold Out and I got a pang of regret in my stomach. Does anyone else have that happen? You look at an item of clothing and think that it's nice and you'd look cute in it but are unsure whether you want it that badly then the second you can't get it, you realise just how badly you actually want it.

What made it worse, was my friend also had this dress as did a number of other bloggers/ influencers so I was then constantly seeing them in this dress and let me tell you the FOMO was real. I felt like I had really lost out on owning this dress and I'm not gonna lie - I was sad about it. I also had a couple of friends message me asking if I had brought this dress because it reminded them of me and my style , which just made it worse! I was determined to get this dress but I couldn't find it anywhere! They weren't restocking it on the site, on other sites that stocked Lazy Oaf and I couldn't find it anywhere to buy second hand. The longer I went without this dress and the more I searched for it - the more I wanted it! I even got my friend involved in helping me check Depop and the Lazy Oaf resale page on Facebook. I was on a mission. Then, this dress was uploaded to Depop and I wasted no time in snapping up the literal dress of my dreams.

Let me tell you, the wait and challenge of getting this dress was worth it! I am so in love with this dress and try and wear it as much as possible. It is a very me dress and has everything I love - including pockets and who doesn't love a dress with pockets. It is a little larger than I would typically go for but beggars can't be choosers and all that and it doesn't make a huge different as I am no stranger to an oversized dress. It's everything I could have wanted and more.

I'm so glad I managed to get my hands on this dress. Having to wait and put more effort into buying it than I have ever done with a piece of clothing before makes it a very special and sentimental item of clothing to me. Not only is this the dress of my dreams but it has a story attached to it as well. I may have had to wait a while to own this dress but I am making up for lost time by wearing it as often as I can!

Till next time, 
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  1. I love the look of that dress! You're right, it IS beautiful!
    I love the high waistline, full cut airy design, drape, swingy appearance and shiny red hearts on your Lazy Oaf mini-dress.
    I'm glad you were finally able to acquire it.
    You look absolutely fabulous wearing it,
    and your lipstick and hair look beautiful!

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