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I'm Robyn and I'm the spooky gal behind Midnight and Lace! 

I am an award winning alternative fashion blogger who inspires others to embrace what makes them unique through their personal style to give them the confidence to use fashion as the best form of self expression to represent who they are as an individual. 

I started Midnight and Lace back in 2016 as a place where I could express who I was in a world where I didn't seem to fit anywhere. I wanted to create a place of acceptance that focuses on staying true to your authentic self, personal style and celebrating the strange and unusual. Since then, I've found my place and have embraced what makes me different to be not only confident in my style but proud of who I am. It is my mission to inspire others to embrace who they are and accept themselves for who they are, regardless of what anyone else might say or think.

When I'm not blogging, you might catch me watching True Crime documentaries or balancing being a content creator with my full time job as a primary school teacher. I am incredibly passionate about my job and love getting to show of my personal style and showing the kids I work with the different ways people can choose to express who they are - they think I'm a pretty cool teacher and I'd have to agree.

I hope you find the words I have written on this blog useful and the content I create enjoyable. My main aim is to be a source of inspiration and creativity to help you on your own path to embracing who you are and sharing that with the world!

Love always

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